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140 Pounds Lighter, Disabled War Veteran Becomes a Runner

Think you're having a tough time sticking with your healthy habits? Imagine how Arthur felt: The war veteran was 140 pounds overweight and dealing with physical disabilities when he decided to become a runner.
Arthur's transformation is inspiring and impressive, but he didn't get there overnight. Find out how others have achieved success against all odds. Read our best success stories and get motivated now. 
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Member Comments

  • Wow! - 4/20/2015 6:10:15 PM
  • My gosh, you're story is truly truly inspirational, what an inspiration you are. You proved the doctors wrong. You are amazing. Thank you for sharing - 3/10/2015 10:35:18 AM
  • BEERAD1990
    I think I found my hero! Thank you for serving and thank you for showing what is possible when you put your mind to it! - 3/1/2015 7:31:27 PM
    What an amazing transformation for Arthur! So inspirational and it just goes to show you what one person believing in you can do! - 2/3/2015 9:55:41 AM
  • I'm still crying, even as I write this. This is the most inspirational video I have ever seen. I'm going to save this to my favorites so I can watch it whenever I feel like giving up. And bless that one yoga instructor who choose to try, even when he didn't know where to begin. Thank you both. - 1/25/2015 4:00:11 PM
  • 2GONE2
    Arthur's transformation just made me cry. I am so happy for him. - 1/2/2015 6:04:35 PM
  • I'm a Vietnam era veteran over 60 and use a walker and braces. You inspire me! Thank you.
    Doll H. - 1/2/2015 5:20:24 PM
  • Arthur - thank you so very much for your Service.
    And many thanks for helping me jump start my NEW YEAR! Your story has given me a good nudge to keep getting back on my health wagon regardless how many times I've slipped off the tail gate! Every day we move is a good one!

    Good luck - keep moving forward! - 1/1/2015 3:54:31 PM
    I love this story. You are great and I hope I can only be as determined and hold the course as you have. Thank you for this video. Wonderful! - 12/9/2014 1:39:15 PM
  • Arthur if you read this . . . THANK YOU!

    You proved that you can do it and you did!

    THANK YOU for serving THANK YOU for sharing and THANK YOU for not giving up! - 12/8/2014 11:04:17 PM
  • What an amazing accomplishment. Sometimes it takes an attitude of commitment and an attitude of not listening to the "no's." Reach out and believe that all things are possible. I applaud his getting up each time he fell. - 12/8/2014 11:00:09 PM
    So inspirational. I'm so proud of what you accomplished. I'm also very humbled. While I'm out of shape and 25 lbs heavier than I'd like to be, I'm not even considered overweight yet for my height. I'm not disabled. I am a perfectly healthy 33 year old woman. I should not have excuses to be eating so unhealthy and living so sedentary. I will try and remember this video every time I want to be lazy. - 12/8/2014 6:26:54 PM
  • Arthur--thank you for sharing your story. I needed to hear and see your commitment to realize my commitment needs to be stronger and despite what we deal with, there is no reason not to succeed.

    Thank you! - 12/8/2014 5:11:44 PM
  • Arthur - you go! You're an amazing man. I'm glad you believed in yourself. You sum everything up so well when you say, "I fell many times but I got back up". That's something we should all take to heart, whether it be related to exercise, overeating, substance issues, etc. Thanks for your service to your country and thanks for loving cats!

    - 12/8/2014 1:47:53 PM
  • Amazing video, it brings tears to my eyes. - 12/8/2014 9:24:05 AM