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The No. 1 Way to Feel Happier Right Now

Psychologists have proven that the best way to feel happier now is to focus on what you're already grateful for in your life. Watch as people learn to take their gratitude a step further during an inspirational "happiness experiment."
Discover how expressing gratitude for what you already have in your life can actually make you a happier person.
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Member Comments

  • Thank you for this one! - 3/30/2018 12:49:09 PM
  • I have always been taught that "Thank you" makes room for more. - 11/15/2017 7:10:32 AM
  • I have a lot of people in my life that mean a lot to me. Being a part of SparkPeople means a lot to me too. This video made me laugh and cry. When you are watching this you will need a tissue. Thank you for sharing - 9/26/2017 11:35:58 AM
  • Daily gratitude it such a simple thing. For me, a middle-aged, overweight, woman suffering from diabetes, depression, anxiety, and an incurable "orphan" disease, it's so very easy to forget just how good my life is. I've been toying with a "Gratitude Journal," and finally began it today, even before viewing this video. I know that when I contemplate all I'm grateful for, it serves as a type of meditation, relaxing me and lifting my mood, no matter how depressed I happen to be. I expect a daily, written, practice will do even more for me. - 5/25/2017 2:30:41 AM
    OMG! You better have the kleenex ready when you watch this. Totally AWESOME!!!! - 5/3/2017 7:58:28 AM
  • So very very awesome! Reminds me to stop and be thankful for all my many blessings, even when I'm hurting.
    - 8/14/2016 3:24:25 PM
  • This video really touched my heart. It made me laugh ... it made me cry ... but most of all, it helped me to realize how much I have to be grateful for. - 3/5/2015 12:45:57 PM
  • This was soooo awesome, I laughed and cried. - 3/5/2015 12:13:42 PM
  • H-O-P-E
    I miss you dad. Thank you. - 1/3/2015 8:49:41 AM
    Yes, the tears is so inspiring. I do like the idea of written notes to those we care about.. - 8/31/2014 11:11:31 AM
  • this was great!! inspired me to write small notes of gratitude and mail them to those in my life that have cared enough to show me! so glad I can make them smile as they have done that for me! in a world of paper mail bills,,,,I think these people will appreciate a note in the mail of gratitude! - 8/19/2014 1:06:04 PM
    I also was on the verge of tears. I tend to put on the act of being an emotionless single parent. The one with tattoos as well as being a business owner and having a full time job.
    But... for those that get to know me, see the hurt and pain that I tried to hide.
    My grandmother is one of those. When I call her, with no caller id and her being a healthy 92 year old, once I say hi Nana, she recognizes my voice.
    I have would down all that I admire about her and once I made that call, I would have been crying tears of joy. - 5/11/2014 6:05:01 PM
    I don't know how anyone can listen to these calls and not be brought to tears. It reminds us to tell the people in our lives how important they are to us while we can. - 4/7/2014 9:46:04 AM
  • This was so beautiful. I cried. - 2/18/2014 6:37:39 AM
  • I'm going to call my dad right now! - 2/16/2014 3:13:00 PM