Myofascial Gluteal Release

Starting Position
Sit on a foam roller with your back straight, knees bent, feet on the floor, palms flat, arms beneath the shoulders, fingers pointed forward (not pictured). Engage your abs, squeeze your thighs together and carefully lift your feet off the floor, keeping your knees bent and finding your balance on the roller, using your arms for support. Allow the weight of your body to relax onto the roller.

Keep your abs engaged and breathe steadily as you shift your weight forward and back, allowing the foam roller to move up and down your buttocks. Repeat several times and notice as tension leaves your glutes.

Special Instructions
This release requires good core strength and balance, so practice caution before trying it. Keep your abdominals engaged to aid your balance. Resist the pull of gravity with strong arms and a long back. Keep your range of motion small. As you move the roller up and down by shifting your weight forward and back, find tight and sore areas of your glutes and hold those positions to help decrease tension.

Muscles Released: Glutes

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