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Exercise Demonstrations

Triceps Dips on Medicine Ball

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Triceps Dips on Medicine Ball Exercise

Starting Position

Sit on the floor with a medicine ball behind your back, knees bent, feet flat and shoulders relaxed. Place your hands onto the top/sides of the ball and straighten your arms until your hips are off the floor (pictured).


INHALE: Keeping knees bent, feet flat and back straight, bend your elbows to lower your hips toward the floor. EXHALE: Straighten the elbows to push back up to the starting position to complete one rep.

Special Instructions

Keep your shoulders away from your ears and try to keep the ball as still as possible. Make sure your arms stay close to the sides of your torso and your elbows point behind you as you lower into the dip position.

Make it easier: Position your feet closer to your body.

Muscles Worked: Triceps