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You haven't been taking your cholesterol medication, have you Mr. Grosshart?
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10/5/2013 9:16:11 PM

My fat runeth over!


4/29/2013 8:27:31 PM

MSROZZIE's SparkPage
I agree get the SparkPeople Cookbook, as soon as possible!


11/5/2012 2:56:58 PM

HCARLILE73C's SparkPage
Cholesterol is so yesterday, people need to get up with current findings and quit living on 1970's research. Please!!! Insulin secretion increase heart disease. There r so many different parts to cholesterol it is just a symptom of eating to many carbs, complex and simple.


2/11/2012 2:57:45 AM

What in the world is Mrs. Grosshart feeding him anyway? Quick somebody get her a SparkPeople Cookbook!!!

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