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Snow White was poisoned by an apple, Jack found a giant in his beanstalk, and look what happened to Alice when she ate the mushroom! And you wonder why I won't eat fruit and vegetables?!

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You have a heart of gold, a liver of gold, a stomach of gold and kidneys of gold. Stop eating so many Cheez Doodles. Stop smoking, quit drinking, eat less, exercise more! Are you some kind of health nut? This is my favorite photo. It was taken back when I had really thin thighs, during my mother's second trimester. I hate to complain about my diet, but whining burns a lot of calories! It's OK to devour your competitors and gobble up smaller companies, but remember to have a few veggies, too!
My personal trainer said Yoga would give me longer, sexier muscles, but it didn't work for me. Running is bad for my knees. Not running is bad for everything else! Access requires a password, retina scan, fingerprint analysys and a DNA sample. It's the best refrigerator I've ever owned! I toss and turn all night and you won't count that as an eight-hour aerobic workout? The doctor told my husband to double his daily exercise, so now he changes channels with both hands!
I had my plumber install new pipes. I got tired of fretting about my cholesterol! My favorite vegetable is pudding. I didn't know it was a vegetable until I saw it on a salad bar.

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