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It's good that you're eating more fresh fruit and vegetables, but be careful to chew more thoroughly.

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To keep my computer healthy, I download five digital fruits and vegetables every day. My belly is a vital part of my 401 (k) plan. I may have to live off this fat when I retire! I think he's spending too much time with the kids. It's not a rash, it's moss. You need to start being more active than a tree. If my math is correct, we only gained 0.000976521 pounds per second on our cruise.
I pay you five pebbles a session to be my personal trainer, but all we ever do is swim! Sorry, I've got a huge carb craving and there's nothing in the kitchen but meat and cheese! We don't have a diet menu, but for $3.99 you can lick the stains off a tablecloth. You know you're a SparkPeople member when you try to pay in SparkPoints at the supermarket. How come nobody else thinks I'm as wonderful as my dog does?
Our bodies store fat so we can survive during times when the supermarket is closed. You know you're a SparkPeople member when you can have an entire conversation about emoticons.

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