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You know you're getting too much fat in your diet when your freckles are made of pepperoni!

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Maybe you wouldn't feel so tired if you stopped thinking of this as 'cardio'. I bought some running shoes, but all they want to do is watch TV. I want you to eat more carrots, potato chips, and crackers. Loud crunching scares away germs. My doctor told me to eat 5 fruits and vegetables every day. Today I had 3 raisins and 2 peas. Our diet lasagna is a hologram
My blood pressure is 180/90 which mathematically is equal to 2/1 which doesn't seem so high! You need to incorporate some stretching into your fitness routine, so I glued all of your snacks to the ceiling! I found 1837 web sites about 'alternative medicine' but none of them recommend pizza or chocolate for lowering our cholesterol. Looks aren't everything. It's what's inside you that really matters. A biology teacher told me that. I'm taking better care of my heart. I've started using aspirin as one of my pizza toppings.
The healthiest part of a donut is the hole. Unfortunately, you have to eat through the rest of the donut to get there! I eat right, I exercise, I don't drink or smoke… but I'm still going to die someday? That changes everything!

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