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You know you're a SparkPeople member when the day previously known as Wednesday is always 'Woo Hoo Wednesday' to you.

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If at first you don't succeed, take a nap. When life gives you lemons, take a nap. When the going gets tough, take a nap. Aspirin is great for your heart! If used as a condiment, it ruins the taste of pizza, cheeseburgers, fries, ice cream… Office food pyramid They revised the Food Pyramind again.
We're having a big meeting today to kick off our Employee Wellness Campaign. Did anyone remember to bring in soda and doughnuts? It's an experimental procedure. Every time I sneeze, it unclogs my arteries! For years your teachers kept telling you to settle down and sit still. You can stop now. We're supposed to stop for a mini exercise break twice a day. Does a tantrum count?
You are what you eat. If you want to reach a ripe old age, eat a lot of brown bananas. I should go on a diet, but I'm afraid my brain will get thinner and I'll become narrow-minded. Potato chips, root beer, and cupcakes aren't an unhealthy lunch-- it's vegetarian! When I'm dieting, my doctor says it's okay to cheat once in a while. I'm going out with your friend Larry tonight.

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