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I can get by on just 2 hours of sleep every day, as long as I nap for 14 hours.

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You know you're a SparkPeople member when you introduce yourself as your SparkPeople username! Okay, but each pound counts as a separate wish! I think diabetes is affecting my eyesight. I have trouble seeing the consequences of poor food choices. Don't tell me to improve my diet. I ate a carrot once and nothing happened! A SparkPoint a day keeps my cravings away!
Hounds used to find things using their sense of smell, but now I use a search tool called Google Nose! If the middle class is shrinking, why do I have to keep buying bigger pants? That's what I hate about computers-- there's never anything yummy in the trash! I'm going to order a broiled skinless chicken breast, but I want you to bring me lasagna and garlic bread by mistake. We're supposed to stop for a mini exercise break twice a day. Does a tantrum count?
I lick my paws because they're fat-free, sugar-free and calorie-free! You are what you eat. If you want to reach a ripe old age, eat a lot of brown bananas.

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