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I can't change my height. I can't change my eye color. I can't change the size of my feet. What makes you think I can change my weight?

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I can't believe what my fleas are saying about me on their blog! I should go on a diet, but I'm afraid my brain will get thinner and I'll become narrow-minded. You know you're a SparkPeople member when the day previously known as Wednesday is always 'Woo Hoo Wednesday' to you. The red bits are touching the brown bits!
My bones are getting softer, but my arteries are getting harder so it balances out. You have bad handwriting. I thought 'diet and exercise' said 'beer and pizza'. Flamingos have thin thighs, but they don't seem any happier than you. I see thin thighs in your future! In your next life, you will come back as a flamingo!
SparkPeople says 'anything in moderation,' right? Low fat diets don't work. I eat fish every day and my butt still drags the ground! I got a job at the Health Club. I fry bacon in the back room so it smells like clients are burning fat! I bought this to help you with your diet. It's a compass that always points to lettuce!

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