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To help prevent sports-related knee injures, you can:

  • Warm up and stretch before you participate in athletic activities.

  • Strengthen the muscles around the knee through an exercise program.

  • Avoid sudden increases in the intensity of your training program. Never push yourself too hard, too fast. Increase your intensity gradually.

  • Wear comfortable, supportive shoes that fit your feet and fit your sport. If you have problems in foot alignment that might increase your risk of a twisted knee, ask your doctor about shoe inserts that can correct the problem.

  • If you play football, ask your sports-medicine doctor or athletic trainer about specific types of shoe cleats that may help to reduce your risk of knee injuries.

  • If you ski, use two-mode release bindings that are installed and adjusted properly. Make sure that the binding mechanism is in good working order and that your boots and binding are compatible.

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