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In many cases, you can prevent anal itch by taking the following steps:

  • Practice good anal hygiene When possible, gently cleanse the anal area after every bowel movement by using wet toilet paper (unscented and dye-free) or a wet washcloth. Wipe gently or blot the area. Never rub or scrub. If you are in a public toilet, use dry toilet paper temporarily, then finish your cleansing regimen when you return home.

  • Use only water to clean the anal area, never soap.

  • Avoid using medicated powders, perfumed sprays or deodorants on the anal area.

  • Eat a sensible diet that is low in the foods and beverages known to cause anal irritation.

  • Wear cotton underwear that is not too tight.

  • If you are taking oral antibiotics, eat yogurt to help restore the normal ecology of your colon.

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