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Top 25 Summer Heartburn Triggers

Don't Get Burned by These Summer Favorites

Chili dogs, chocolate ice cream, and cherry cola. Summer brings a lot of tempting treats. But unfortunately, many of these warm weather foods can leave your belly more than a little upset—especially if you're prone to heartburn.

Check out the list below for the 25 most common heartburn-causing foods of the season, why they're problematic for heartburn sufferers, and some alternative foods that will allow you to participate in the festivities without going hungry.

1. Beef kabobs
Beef can be greasy and high in fat.
Kabobs made with chicken, fish and/or veggies

2. Corn on the cob with butter
Butter is a known heartburn trigger.
Summer's sweet corn is plenty flavorful. Try it boiled or grilled, without the butter.

3. Chili dogs
Chili is spicy and tomato-based, while hot dogs can be high in fat.
Go for a veggie, lean beef or turkey dog and ditch the chili.

4. Chocolate mousse
Chocolate and dairy foods such as mousse and pudding can trigger heartburn.
If dairy foods cause distress for you, try fruit-flavored gelatin as a sweet dessert.

5. French fries
Greasy and high in fat
Try baked potatoes in the oven or on the grill. If you must have fries, make your own, but bake them instead of frying.

6. Fried chicken
Greasy and high in fat
Try skinless chicken breasts that are baked or grilled.

7. Funnel cakes
Deep fried and high in fat

8. Grilled onions
Onions are common triggers for digestive distress.

9. Grilled peppers
Sweet or hot, peppers can cause heartburn.

10. Hamburger
Greasy and high in fat
Opt for a lean chicken, turkey or veggie burger.

11. Hot dogs and sausages
Some sausages can be spicy while both meats are high in fat.
Try a veggie dog or a lean turkey or beef hot dog, but watch out for those heartburn-triggering toppings!

12. Hot salsa
Both spicy and tomato-based (acidic)
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