How to choose, prepare, and store Jicama.
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Buying Jicama

Look for:
Select small to medium-size jicama  that are shiny and without blemishes.

jicama tubers that are dull and have blemishes.

Seasonality: Fall, winter, and spring

Storing Jicama

Store uncut jicama in a cool, dry place uncovered for up to 3 weeks (as you would potatoes). Jicama will mold if it gets wet. Once  jicama is cut or sliced, refrigerate in a plastic bag up to 2 weeks.

Preparing Jicama

The skin of the jicama is not edible. First, scrub well to remove dirt, then peel. Grate or cut into cubes, strips, or slices. To avoid discoloration after cutting, submerge jicama slices in a bowl with water and a few drops of lemon juice. Eat raw or cooked.

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