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Motivational Quote - The possibilities are endless once we decide to act.

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We've all heard the old saying that you can do anything you put your mind to, and it's true! You are full of untapped potential, so stop second-guessing yourself and go for it with all you've got!


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6/21/2014 4:52:12 AM

STEELER71's SparkPage

So true if you only do it..


1/21/2014 5:20:57 AM

STEELER71's SparkPage

I'll take this one. Take one day at a time.


1/6/2014 11:19:27 AM

KLONG8's SparkPage
Sitting quiely on the sidelines gets you NOWHERE!


10/23/2013 4:49:39 PM

LAKEGIRL4's SparkPage
So true!


6/21/2013 10:19:33 PM

SUPERDAD55's SparkPage
Soooo True!!


5/13/2013 6:55:37 PM

Just do what you can, every little thing adds up to some thing, and something is better than nothing.


5/13/2013 9:40:32 AM

MAYBER's SparkPage
Act on your thoughts
Move to the beat of your own drummer
One day at a time


11/26/2012 3:24:31 AM

MISSBUNNY67's SparkPage
yeah, i'll go for it ;)


8/13/2012 8:14:20 PM

SPRITZER452's SparkPage
Make a buddy who has the loyal to time set. My buddy understands my work schedule. We do not control and would go swimming anyway. The winter will be a challenge.

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