11 Halloween Treats Under 100 Calories

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Tempting Treats!

Scared of Halloween candy? Don't be! These Halloween treats are so low in calories that you'll think you're being tricked!

10 Whoppers (Malted Milk Balls)

100 calories
4 g fat
14 g sugars

2 Mini Size Snickers Bars

90 calories
4 g fat
12 g sugars

1 Piece of Taffy

55 calories
0.5 g fat
12 g sugars

1 Tootsie Roll Pop

60 calories
0 g fat
10 g sugars

2 Mini Size Reese's Cups

80 calories
5 g fat
10 g sugars

7 Gummi Bears

70 calories
0 g fat
11 g sugars

1 Fun Size 3 Musketeers Bar

70 calories
2 g fat
11 g sugars

11 Pieces of Candy Corn

70 calories
0 g fat
14 g sugars

2 Caramels

80 calories
2.25 g fat
8 g sugars

1 Fun Size Package of M & M's

100 calories
4.5 g fat
13 g sugars

1 Fun Size Almond Joy Bar

100 calories
5 g fat
19 g sugars

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Member Comments on this Slideshow

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4/21/2017 3:34:14 AM

JVANAM's SparkPage
Fit mind. Fit body. Fit soul.


10/12/2016 3:19:39 PM

I am chewing sugarless gum as I type. It's my husband's birthday and we have celebrated with a small party amongst his office staff. We have leftover cupcakes which I will give away or save for another day and I made allowances for the chicken and salad that I had for lunch with my calories for breakfast and what I will have for dinner and snacks... I buy fun size candy bars and twizzlers for trick or treat along with jolly ranchers. Then I can control what's left. Glad to see that I buy the lower calorie treats except for the candy bars, but the fun size is better than buying and eating the full sized bars!


10/12/2016 5:55:52 AM

BASS-MOM's SparkPage
Looking at this makes me want to stay away from all of it!


7/17/2016 4:39:41 PM

These are good for me for "emergencies" - I really try hard to go for sugar free candy or snacks these days, but the info is helpful for when I need it.


11/10/2015 8:22:57 AM

Thanks for this information! If I need a little chocolate, it is great to know what are my choices for not so many calories. Keep up the good work.


10/30/2015 12:45:37 PM

WENDIQ's SparkPage
Good info. Better for me to have a bit instead of a huge amount I generally find just the taste is all I need.


10/30/2015 11:38:02 AM

I think it's just best to keep away. Btw I don't think the previous people were complaining or need to "wake up". Just stating their views...I think of SP forums as a safe place to talk about your struggles if you need to


10/30/2015 11:24:36 AM

I can't have it in the house at all. Too tempting so I just don't buy it


10/30/2015 5:58:37 AM

To me it's not worth the 1 or 2 pieces. I know myself, at this point I could not stop with the few pieces. Maybe down the road I would take a few


10/9/2015 11:06:55 PM

This is my favorite holiday. Like others, I was hoping for substitutes for the junk that would be 100 calories and healthy. I think I can avoid the candy this year. My favorite part is the costumes and my goal is to look good in a cute one next year!


10/9/2015 3:52:43 PM

Sometimes all I need is a taste of chocolate or something sweet&then I'm ok. ..I love the small sized candy bars!


10/9/2015 3:45:24 PM

HELLOFLO429's SparkPage
Seriously? Who eats 7 gummy bears or 11 candy corn?! Be realistic, have a Halloween treat as a splurge if you really enjoy that and don't think about it just DON'T let it be an excuse to go off track. IF you are at the point in your journey that you know you cant honestly have a semi- reasonable amount of a treat then just don't even tempt yourself with such a small tease and refrain.


10/9/2015 1:48:13 PM

PHILFAN1's SparkPage
Halloween. Im hiding in my house with the lights off! Bought candy, is eaten candy! No candy, no problem.


10/9/2015 12:50:21 PM

CHIQUITA72979's SparkPage
Disappointing. I was kind of hoping for 100 calorie recipes to replace things like pumpkin rolls and caramel apples, etc. Everyone is at a different pace, I realize. It's good to be reminded of portion control.


10/9/2015 12:36:31 PM

TERRI1458's SparkPage
At this point I don't know what I am going to do about Halloween. I know I won't eat just one mini bar or snack size bar of anything. The thing is that I don't want my grand children to have it either. Maybe I will have some apples with peanut butter and ask the grand kids to have some before they go out so they don't load up on candy as they are walking down the street. Then we could come back and have some pop corn with our unsweetened ice tea or low calorie hot chocolate, depending on the weather.

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