11 Halloween Treats Under 100 Calories

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Tempting Treats!

Scared of Halloween candy? Don't be! These Halloween treats are so low in calories that you'll think you're being tricked!

10 Whoppers (Malted Milk Balls)

100 calories
4 g fat
14 g sugars

2 Mini Size Snickers Bars

90 calories
4 g fat
12 g sugars

1 Piece of Taffy

55 calories
0.5 g fat
12 g sugars

1 Tootsie Roll Pop

60 calories
0 g fat
10 g sugars

2 Mini Size Reese's Cups

80 calories
5 g fat
10 g sugars

7 Gummi Bears

70 calories
0 g fat
11 g sugars

1 Fun Size 3 Musketeers Bar

70 calories
2 g fat
11 g sugars

11 Pieces of Candy Corn

70 calories
0 g fat
14 g sugars

2 Caramels

80 calories
2.25 g fat
8 g sugars

1 Fun Size Package of M & M's

100 calories
4.5 g fat
13 g sugars

1 Fun Size Almond Joy Bar

100 calories
5 g fat
19 g sugars

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Member Comments on this Slideshow

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10/31/2009 8:07:50 AM

i rather eat 11 corn candies that says it is only 70 calories, not bad!


10/31/2009 8:02:20 AM

BUCNATV's SparkPage
This is very helpful, .I personally LOVE chocolate and feel that I owe myself a treat of chocalate every now and then, like Azimat said " the trick is to eat only one."


10/31/2009 7:53:33 AM

CAROLGEM1950's SparkPage
I hear ya PJSTIME - my problem also so I stay away. Dark chocolate seems to satisfy me more. Carol


10/31/2009 7:40:18 AM

PJSTIME's SparkPage
Can't stop with just that little bit so won't eat any - thats my plan.


10/31/2009 7:25:52 AM

AZIMAT's SparkPage
"Scared of Halloween candy? Don't be! These Halloween treats are so low in calories that you'll think you're being tricked!"

It's no trick if you only eat one-- tiny Snickers bar, peanut butter cup, etc. The real trick is only eating one....



10/31/2009 7:20:54 AM

COOKER123's SparkPage
I am going togive granola bars. I feel it at least is a little more health! Yet having a piece of candy no and then is ok too!


10/31/2009 6:29:03 AM

Not much on candy eatibng.


10/31/2009 6:11:45 AM



10/31/2009 4:09:47 AM

DOKSANEN's SparkPage
This year I'm giving out popcorn the 100 cal bags. the Kids seem to enjoy getting it


10/31/2009 3:08:14 AM

we are giving away the lolly pops the kids are making them into ghost lollies by trying a white paper tissue over them and drawing differant ghost faces on them.i tried to look for the less fattening alternative to give away and as i donīt like lollies i wont want to eat them as i would if i brought chocolate.


10/31/2009 2:17:26 AM

CINDYSUE48's SparkPage
Uggg.....none of us should be eating any of this stuff!! I have candy for the kids....I bought one that I don't like but my son does. Going tomorrow to find some toys, etc and plan to offer both to kids....see what they choose!!

Candy is candy and is good only as an occasional treat! Loaded with sugar and with these highly processed ones, chemicals!! If you must have something, make it a home-made treat or at least one without all the garbage in it!


10/31/2009 1:56:36 AM

JAC-ATTACK's SparkPage
I should have read this BEFORE I ate the peanut butter cup.


10/31/2009 1:38:12 AM

OMG calorie counting has really made me aware of how simple choices make a huge difference, it is especially the little things that seem to add up, a smidge of butter on toast, when you could have gone with out and been satified, 2% milk instead of non-fat, a couple bite sized chocolates a day, (its all adds up quickly) For those of us trying to loose weight, it really takes will power, not taking the food we eat lightly (example: whipe cream on your latte adds close to 300 hundo calories to your simple mid-day pick me up) At the end up the day its a simple equation don't eat more calories than what you burn, or it will add up into a lbs. If we are all careful and develop self restraint, we can all reach our goals. I i find that the more i give into unhealthy cravings, the more i want unhealthy foods, but the more fresh veggies and fruit i eat the more i crave those healthy options. Anyways good luck everybody, and have a HEALTHY and happy halloween~!


10/31/2009 12:33:00 AM

Slideshow just in time to remind us, if we feel we must have candy go ahead but keep track of the calories you are putting in your mouth! I will be at work, afternoon shift, that will take care of any tempting thoughts for me!


10/31/2009 12:24:23 AM

I've been doing ok... definitely could be better. My boyfriend decided that he wanted to buy candy to bring into his work and got the candy bags with all the good stuff, leaving half at home for him, my brother, and I. I'm not much of a candy eater any way (I've seriously found old bags of candy / sweets that I've completely forgotten about and had to throw them away.) I did cave last week and had my fair share - only time I do want some is when I'm on my "moon" - (native talk for period if you haven't caught on) - and I was on a bad one last week. Seeing this did help ease my nerves a bit about it because I didn't go crazy, just had one or 2 bite sized candies here and there. I just wish he would take the rest of the bag with him - or at least take it with him and leave it in the car so he really is the only one who has it sitting under his nose.

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