11 Halloween Treats Under 100 Calories

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Tempting Treats!

Scared of Halloween candy? Don't be! These Halloween treats are so low in calories that you'll think you're being tricked!

10 Whoppers (Malted Milk Balls)

100 calories
4 g fat
14 g sugars

2 Mini Size Snickers Bars

90 calories
4 g fat
12 g sugars

1 Piece of Taffy

55 calories
0.5 g fat
12 g sugars

1 Tootsie Roll Pop

60 calories
0 g fat
10 g sugars

2 Mini Size Reese's Cups

80 calories
5 g fat
10 g sugars

7 Gummi Bears

70 calories
0 g fat
11 g sugars

1 Fun Size 3 Musketeers Bar

70 calories
2 g fat
11 g sugars

11 Pieces of Candy Corn

70 calories
0 g fat
14 g sugars

2 Caramels

80 calories
2.25 g fat
8 g sugars

1 Fun Size Package of M & M's

100 calories
4.5 g fat
13 g sugars

1 Fun Size Almond Joy Bar

100 calories
5 g fat
19 g sugars

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9/27/2013 6:25:30 PM

1970KITNCHUCK's SparkPage
Wow - it doesn't even look worth it to me! I couldn't eat just one, so I'd better stay away from it completely!


9/26/2013 8:48:18 AM

I don;t crave candy and only eat a bite or two as a treat on a rare occasion. I can be satisfied by just one small taste. My problems with weight stem from huge servings of relatively healthy foods...not sweets.


9/22/2013 5:43:17 PM

1127OPTI's SparkPage
I am glad they put this up. Candy is a difficult area for me.


10/29/2012 9:37:54 PM

Been having trouble with my trigger foods as of late, and sugary treats are one of my biggest triggers. I look and I would love to only eat two mini peanut butter cups. Or 7 gummy bears. I could do that as long as that was all there was.


10/29/2012 1:39:16 PM



10/28/2012 2:47:40 PM

It's the age old line-bet ya can't eat just one. I can have things like that in the house and they are safe-as long as I don't open the package. Once the package is open they are fair game. I know to be safe don't even bring the package in the house.


10/23/2012 11:02:03 PM

One piece of taffy? I don't even think that's possible, I notice they all seem to unwrap together and flow in your mouth like a little train of yummies...I have to stay away from those for sure!


10/23/2012 10:22:04 PM

SPARKFRAN514's SparkPage
mini are that mini in calorie count i agree from now until New years is an unsafe time for eating for some of us sparkers. put my name in the list


10/23/2012 10:12:26 PM

Halloween thru New Years is always a dangerous time when it comes to sweets


10/23/2012 10:04:12 PM

Wasn't what I expected either- where is the truly irresistible stuff like grapes, fresh pineapple, strawberries...


10/23/2012 8:33:24 PM

SHUNTER225's SparkPage
I love candy but have learned to control myself. I used to eat a whole candy bar but now I am satisfied with eating 2 mini bars of Baby Ruth every night as a treat to myself. I eat ice cream and if desert is a part of a meal, I have the cheese cake with no topping, which is lower in calories than the other choices. Changing your lifestyle does not mean saying I will NEVER eat cake or sweets again, it is about limitations and learning to have enough to satisfy yourself without over indulging. Enjoy life and all of it's simple pleasures in moderation. :).


10/23/2012 8:18:17 PM

There's not one item here I'd willingly eat, diet or no diet. Not one even begins to tempt (which is probably a good thing.)

It's simply not FOOD.



10/23/2012 7:55:56 PM

I know it is very hard to "just have one" but does anyone else agree that that is the challenge. We all joined spark people for one reason or another. Some to loose weight, some to be healthier, to be able to eat "just one" and walk away.... I haven't been a member for that long but I am so amazed at how far I have come. I have had to completely retrain the way I think about food and really control my portion sizes by tracking every little thing I eat. Is it tough... yes... but I keep doing it to reach my goal. We should all be able to treat ourselves once in awhile and the holidays are quickly approaching. I think enjoying just one piece of Halloween candy is a great test of will power and an excellent exercise to change the way we think of sweet treats. Life is going to throw food challenges in my way and if I always run and hide someday I'm going to have a massive binge on chocolate instead of stopping at just one!


10/23/2012 7:52:09 PM

Fun size bars. Really? They seem so small what's the harm? Unlike a full size bar which is emotionally/visually pleasing with just one for the day as a treat at about 200 calories, it is so much easier to grab a few funsize through out the day, when that 2-3 minis to snack on add up to 10 or 12 during the day- or at work from the community snack bowl, the damage is done! As for the 11 calorie Cupcakes, wheres is the recipe? There is a way for low cal/fat cupcakes, 1 box moist style cake mix, 1 12 oz can calorie free club soda, blend together with whisk or fork, bake as directed on box toothpik will come out clean when done. The calorie/fat will be the same as the unprepared cake mix. top with your choice of toppings. No eggs or oil for added calories.fat!


10/23/2012 7:25:55 PM

ANGIE9277's SparkPage
Sorry...wrong...just don't buy candy. Your brain will make you eat more than 1 serving so that you retain the fat it wants to hold onto. It will say, you burned 500 calories working out, it's ok and you will eat it. This was dumb!

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