The Latte Factor

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Weekday Latte

Think those small purchases don't really affect your savings? If you make small changes in your life, you could save big in a year. Take a look at some of these money-saving measures that take minimum effort!

Switch from an expensive latte ($4.25) to regular coffee ($1.15) once every weekday and you'll save over $800 in a year!


Bring your own bags. Tote three reusable bags to a grocery store that offers an incentive program (5 cents back per bag) twice a week. Your savings will add up to over $15 by the end of the year.

Movie Night

If a family of four trades their bi-monthly night at the movies ($64/month) for a Netflix account ($16.99 for three DVDs at a time), the savings is big: $564.12 to be exact. Switch to using the library (FREE) and you'll save even more—another $200 per year!

Watchful Withdrawals

If you only used your bank's ATMs to avoid fees ($2 per week), the savings adds up to $104 per year.

The 411

Dialing 411 to get phone numbers costs about $1 per usage. Get out your sturdy yellow pages or look up phone numbers online four times per month for a savings of $48 annually.

Borrowing for Bookworms

Like to read? You'll save about $720 every year if you get three new releases from the library instead of the book store ($60).

Water Weight

You're diligent about drinking your 8 cups a day, but are you still drinking from single use (disposable) bottles? Invest in a sturdy reusable bottle ($20 or less) instead of two 20-ounce water bottles per day ($1.10 each) and your savings will get an $800 boost after 12 months.

Kick the Habit

Need more reasons to quit that pack-a-day ($4) smoking habit? How about 1,460 reasons. That's how many dollars you'll save after one year of going smoke-free.

Mad about Magazines?

By cancelling two magazine subscriptions and borrowing them from a friend or the library, you'll save $40 a year.

Brown Bag It

Eating out is expensive. Bag up your leftovers for half the cost of a deli sandwich ($6). That daily savings of $3 adds up fast: $720 each year.

Eat Your Veggies

With food and gas prices rising, meat is becoming more expensive. If you opt for just ONE meatless meal a week, you'll save over $300 per year.

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3/4/2014 12:47:01 PM

I do NOT smoke, but the last time I saw cigarettes for sale they averaged about $70.00 per carton. I heard there are 10 packs in a carton, so that's $7.00 a pack. Stop smoking you save $2555.00 a year plus another 7 bucks if it's LEAP YEAR. LOL


3/18/2012 2:05:44 PM

I guess I should be proud of myself because I already do all of these!


8/30/2010 3:03:07 PM

I truly believe in "brown-bagging" for lunch. In fact, I don't understand how anyone can afford to eat out for lunch every day: no less than $3/day times 5 days times 52 weeks = $780. That's a lot of money and $3/day means like a hot dog and a soda. Anyway, eating out is great to leave the office and relax for a bit, but I try to keep it to once every two weeks or so. :)


7/24/2010 11:13:07 AM

Good Suggestions. As mentioned by Fiddle6 - I also make my own bread. Healthier and only pennies per loaf.
I have a grain mill and can make my own flour when I can get whole wheat. That actually tends to be a little more expensive than store bought flour, but no preservatives, ans what a difference!!


4/13/2010 10:46:59 PM

Good to see I'm doing a lot of these. The movies at the library thing is really a good tip, if you can do it.


4/10/2010 1:33:17 AM

Great ideas, another cost saver is buy your organics locally (Amish Market). We have found them to be cheaper than chain store organics and the quality is better. When we first started eating healthy our grocery bill went sky high, but now two trips a month to the Amish Market evens things out. In the summer we grow our own herbs, that really helps and a pack of seeds is less than a dollar.


3/11/2010 6:31:48 PM

KARKAR51's SparkPage
since starting with spark people i have spent less on groceries. i avoid going to the super market to avoid temptation but when i go i don't buy as many snacks and buy extra veggies and fruits that are on sale. i also have been cooking less food at dinner to help control portions (mine, and my husband and kids) we have less leftovers for easy meals but it definitely helps to keep us from over eating.


10/24/2009 8:30:31 AM

DONNA701's SparkPage
I really have to stop the eating out daily my lunches runs from $5.00-$6.00 depending on where I am going to eat. That is so costly a month $180.00. That is a bill that I can put that on.


10/24/2009 1:22:50 AM

SHAFELE's SparkPage
How true! I save even further by buying those 2-in-1 coffee sachets, instead of picking up a cuppa from the shops. Where I live, a cup of local black coffee costs about S$0.70. A sachet costs $$0.15 and some of the brands taste better than the 'real' stuff.


10/8/2009 7:33:33 AM

great articles


9/8/2009 1:13:25 PM

good tips


7/1/2009 6:43:52 PM

HI ,i'm Donna ,i have been on track with Sparks for about one month now ,i can see a little weight coming off but slowly , i have to use medication which put weight on .
It a little harder for me but i'm going to keep trying .I think Sparks is a great program.


6/30/2009 5:11:54 PM

MARIA_S's SparkPage
Unfortunately, I already do all this stuff. Any other suggestions?


5/17/2009 10:02:02 AM

CTUPTON's SparkPage
Great tips!


3/26/2009 12:16:00 PM

SCORPJEN1121's SparkPage
I've always shopped smart, trying to save money where ever i can.
i do CVS deals (where you get extra care bucks (ECB) on things) - i pay with ECB and get more back getting loads of toiletries etc for NOTHING, also using coupons lol to get the most for my buck
i also do whatever free after rebates i can use, especially great i've found a few on detergent lately.
our household gets a lot of things from BJs but i get things on a wkly basis from the other grocery stores, snooping out deals and gettings for little to nothing!

lol btw my mom and i are going to be in may's ALL YOU issue for saving money!

lol i'm full of help and suggestions

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