5 Big, Fat Diet Myths--Busted!

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5 Big, Fat Diet Myths--Busted!

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about food and dieting, and we're here to clear the air! Here are the straight facts on eating for weight loss--no deprivation required.

Diet Myth #1: You Have to Eat Less to Lose Weight

No way! We say NO growling bellies, NO deprivation, and NO puny portions. We fill up our plates with healthy food, so the eyes and the stomach are satisfied. The more satisfied you feel after a meal, the less you'll eat later. Boost satiety by eating water-rich foods, filling fiber, and plenty of healthy fats, while staying within your calorie range.

Diet Myth #2: Plain Veggies Are Better for You

If you're opting for fat-free dressings because you think it's better for you, think again. Small amounts of healthy fats are an important part of the satisfaction of a salad. Plus, your body can't make use of certain vitamins and antioxidants (beta-carotene, vitamin D, and vitamin E in particular) without a bit of fat to help process them. Ditch the fat-free stuff and dip your fork into a dressing made with olive oil for heightened meal satisfaction and nutrient absorption!

Diet Myth #3: Low-Fat and Low-Salt Meals Are Flavorless

There are plenty of tricks you can use to impart flavor with almost zero calories and very little sodium. When you’re watching fat and calories, herbs, spices, and certain condiments are your new best friends. They add flavor and pizzazz to your cooking with little to no calories and fat. Do take care in your choice of premade spice blends and condiments, however, as many of the versions you get in the supermarket are full of salt—a big no-no when you’re watching your sodium levels or you have high blood pressure.

Diet Myth #4: Fat-Free Foods Are the Best Choice

When you remove the fat from foods that naturally contain them, you have to replace the fat with some other ingredients (often sugar or salt). Instead of choosing the fat-free version of your favorite cheese, which will lack the satisfyingly rich mouth feel of the original, choose the reduced-fat version. It will retain some of that richness with less fat and fewer calories.

Diet Myth #5: Baking and Steaming Are the Only 'Healthy' Cooking Methods

No way! There are lots of healthy ways to prepare food to make it both nutritious and flavorful. Grilling, sauteeing, sweating and broiling are just a few of the other fun options for preparing delicious food that will support your weight loss. Give them a go to add some variety to your diet!

Hungry for More?

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11/3/2015 10:50:38 PM

PATIENTONE1020's SparkPage
This makes me feel better about food. I wish everyone could see this. especially the youth today.


7/24/2015 7:57:49 AM

DEBVNE's SparkPage
This article did an excellent job of actually placing "food" in its intended role, fuel for our bodies. Over time it has become an obsession, entertainment, a reward, a punishment, a guilty pleasure...you name it. When we strip away so much of the nonsense, and keep things simple, eating healthier has to become easier. Truly food for thought...


7/23/2015 9:57:51 PM

My family had grilled chicken breasts for dinner tonight, but we "customize" our own dinners (we are three adults.) I made a saute of fresh zucchini, tomatoes (from our garden!), ONE teaspoon of olive oil, a quarter cup of panko, some basil and oregano, and 10 grams of parmesan cheese...No salt..and added 3 ounces of the chicken. The total was only about 300 calories, with 5 grams of fiber... it was delicious, and I am very satisfied!


7/23/2015 7:18:44 PM

NEWWALK's SparkPage
Ha! For diet myth 1! Thank you for revealing this! I am glad I read this article!


7/23/2015 7:16:07 PM

BYOU68's SparkPage
I honestly needed to cut back on my eating. It was out of control. Sugar and carbs made me feel stir crazy and eat more, not everyone has a sugar control problem I tried eating a little every couple hours and it became a mindless act, just eat. It took a few days but I went back to eating only 3 times a day and ate til I was satisfied, not stuffed, I just make sure I have plenty of protein and some veggies and I'm fine til the next meal. I think you need to do what works for you. It's stressful to hear, do it this way, then that way and oh no, it's all wrong.


7/23/2015 2:30:26 PM

ATEAMSIS06's SparkPage
I completely agree with these articles. I had to teach myself how to cook and eat healthier. I now have family and friends asking for advice.


7/23/2015 11:29:49 AM

TERRI20141's SparkPage
Love veggie


7/23/2015 11:20:02 AM

Good info in general. Especially for those with cravings, the advice to eat enough is sound. I notice that when I stay under my calorie range cravings tend to get out of hand.


7/23/2015 10:11:52 AM

I have been collecting these myths and storing them in a file and refer to them often.


7/23/2015 8:50:13 AM

BELDAME's SparkPage
What the hell kind of crap diet advice is "you don't have to eat less"??? That's the dumbest thing I've ever read on this site...and I've read some dumb things.


5/23/2015 9:14:06 AM

I had this in my concept this time. I thin other times I was always hungry because I wasn't eating filling foods. Now I just try to replace things here in there with healthier options instead of focusing on "i can't have that." I have not experienced real hunger so far. Cravings is another thing...lol


3/22/2015 10:38:28 PM

AUNA_CALM's SparkPage
Beware of spices, because they've found foreign grown spices to be very dirty, contaminated with all sorts of things. To be on the safe side, only add them while you are cooking. Don't wait until you are done cooking!

Also, when buying dairy products, you should go with organic if you are going to have any fat in it. Organic is always best, but the fat in organic is easier to work off, because it also contains Omega 6 fatty acids unlike regular milk, which does not contain that at all. It's all in how the cows are fed grass. They have to be fed grass.


3/22/2015 12:36:10 PM

WRONG diet myth #1, is incorrect and misleading. Since even this slide show remarks on counting calories, calories in and calories out makes a difference and heaping your plate with healthy food, even veggies, is not healthy andtoo many calories. look it up, be sure. . although the rest of the article is wonderful.


3/22/2015 7:54:29 AM

LENALIU0309's SparkPage
Great article very useful.


3/22/2015 4:19:54 AM

STEFANIE2000's SparkPage
A very short but a very useful article, at least for me

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