10 Must-Haves for Every Woman's Closet

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10 Must-Haves for Every Woman's Closet

Written by Natalie Nichols, Health & Beauty Writer

Think you're fashion-challenged? Think again! Anyone can turn her wardrobe into a fashionista's dream by adding some essential, classic pieces that look great on all body types. Start with these 10 basic pieces, then build upon them with other fashion items and accessories to create your own unique style. Ready, set...let's shop!

Black Blazer

A simple black blazer is a must-have for every woman's closet. It's worth taking your time to invest in a quality blazer because you could wear this item for a lifetime if you pick the right one. Look for blazers that are tailored and simple, yet feminine. Your chosen blazer should accentuate your waist, and not be too long. This classic piece can dress-up jeans, casual dresses and of course pair very well with work skirts and trousers.

White Blouse

A crisp, white shirt never goes out of style. This classic item can be dressed up or down and with everything from skirts to shorts. You can wear it buttoned up or more casually with a colorful tank top exposed underneath. Look for fitted blouses that aren't oversized. If you get one that's too loose, it will make your body look boxy--and nobody wants that! Add some color to the mix with bright, bangle bracelets or a large and colorful statement necklace.

Little Black Dress

Ah, the coveted black dress. Every woman who doesn't own this item should at least want to! This little number can be worn casual or dressy and on any occasion with the right accessories and shoes. Pair with pumps for a true classic look, or flats to keep things casual. When looking for this piece, it's important to invest in a dress that flatters your figure and makes you feel comfortable, not constricted. Look for details that are unique to your own personal style like lace, beading or ruching. Worn with flats, it becomes more casual; paired with heels, you're ready for a night on the town.

Dark Denim Jeans

Classy and flattering, a great-fitting pair of dark denim jeans does everybody good. Stay away from the skinny jeans and opt for a flared or straight-leg pair to keep your look classic and comfortable no matter how the trends change. If you find a style that fits you well, consider purchasing the same great fit in two lengths. Jeans with shorter inseams can be worn easily with flats or sneakers, and pairs with longer inseams will look heavenly with heels.

Trench Coat

For decades, the timeless trench has added versatility and unmatched style to every woman's wardrobe. Trust us: No other coat is like it, ladies! These classic coats come in many colors and fabrics, but choosing khaki or black will be your best bet if you wish to wear it with just about anything in your closet. A trench coat can be worn over work clothes, a cocktail dress or your casual weekend attire, and will always be a safe outerwear bet in almost any season.

Ballet Flats

Classic Hollywood actress, Audrey Hepburn, made them famous; and now you can wear them to make any outfit look timeless. Ballet flats are an essential part of everyday fashion due to their versatility and ability to fit into any type of lifestyle. More comfortable than heels, these sweet little shoes can be worn dressy with skirts or trousers, and casual with slim-cut pants or jeans.

Classic Black Pumps

A great pair of black heels is a must whether you're headed out for a night on the town, or just another day at the office. This type of shoe can be worn with suits, skirts, cocktail dresses--and even jeans. And there's no need to stick to just black, either. Fill your closet with your favorite hues so you can easily add a pop of color to practically any outfit in your wardrobe. Don't like the high heels? Opt for "kitten" heels, which are often one inch or shorter (and a lot easier to walk in).

Neutral Trouser Pants

A classic trouser pant can look fabulous on any body type. They're the perfect pant for any scenario, especially if you're unsure about what you should wear to that work party, job interview or even a Friday night out. They can be just "dressy enough" for almost any occasion. Trousers are known for their body-slimming qualities and come in many styles, so try on several before you decide on the type that flatters your figure best. You especially want to look for fabrics that are long-lasting and don't stretch after washing, because if you pick a high-quality trouser pant, this timeless piece can stay with you and still look great for years to come.

Pencil Skirt

Want to feel sexy--and look sophisticated, too? Pick up a pencil skirt or two! This skirt style is refined, yet classic and complements most body shapes. The perfect pencil skirt will hug your curves in all the right places, and still leave room for you to bend and breathe. Pair one up with a blouse and peep-toe pumps during the workweek, or dress down this fitted skirt with ballet flats along with a tank top or slouchy t-shirt for a casual evening out at the movies with your girlfriends.

Plain White Tee

You can't get more basic than a classic, plain white tee. Simple yet stylish, a white T-shirt works well with just about any casual outfit. Layer yours under a sweater, blazer or cardigan when the weather is cooler, and tuck it into a high-waisted skirt when you feel like dressing up a bit. Or, you may just want to channel your inner James Dean and keep your look completely casual by pairing a tee with some of your favorite, comfy jeans.

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7/31/2016 12:58:00 AM

Trying to figure out what on earth this article has to do with health or fitness. I feel like I'm at a grocery store check line. ???? Really, Spark?


4/11/2016 9:02:47 PM

REBIRTH60's SparkPage
I have all these. A great fitting pencil skirt is a wardrobe staple!


3/21/2016 9:11:44 PM

SKEETER13887's SparkPage
I am finding that stores do not respect larger women. When I shop it seems the floor clerks are unmotivated to assist; the selection is limited; and the prints are crazy. The cute colors and fabrics I see in other sections of the store are not available in the women's or plus section. I understand that all cuts do not fit all women, but I would love to find some "basics" that do not hang on me like a tent.


3/8/2016 8:43:56 AM

JULSIM12's SparkPage
I have a version of all of these but hate button downs, they never look right on me. I think the essentials vary from person to person and it's what you feel confident and comfortable in!


2/28/2016 9:33:00 PM

Would be nice to know where to buy these from. All stores don't have nice pieces like these.


2/9/2016 4:06:41 PM

MRSB921's SparkPage
classic white tshirt, blazer, jeans and flats i agree with. the rest, a bit outdated.


6/24/2015 2:52:09 PM

How old is this article???? Who wears blazers and dress lengths of "just below the knee"? LMAO!


6/17/2015 8:45:48 PM

ANNIE1114's SparkPage
I have these classic pieces . I have been thinking the pants are a bit outdated since everything you see is either straight leg or skinny.


6/17/2015 12:30:31 PM

The clothes women must have...are the ones they like. The idea that there are "classics" that should appear in every woman's closet, breeds mediocrity. Wear things that make you happy. Wear colors you enjoy. You are both a Summer and a Winter. Stop allowing others to dictate your fashion choices to you.


5/21/2015 5:29:01 PM

I have yet to find a blazer that fits a short person with ample bust,-I even had to make my own when I was young and much thinner, Forget finding an off the rack, reasonable priced one.


5/21/2015 1:04:51 AM

ZOOMZOOM1231's SparkPage
I would never make it in that World, because my legs are discolored, I've had a Mastectomy, I just can't afford the clothes and I don't care for some of the styles you like!!


5/21/2015 12:55:45 AM

ZOOMZOOM1231's SparkPage
I read the bathing suit article and I found it VERY DISCURAGING. IT SHOWED ALL THESE SKINNY TEENAGERS WELL, we at Spark are not skinny by a long shot!!!!!


3/27/2015 11:49:05 AM

FLYINGHAWK1952's SparkPage
Not for me. I'm over 60 and retired. I need fashion that is more appropriate for relaxation, house cleaning, grocery shopping and gardening - as well as an occasional movie and lunch with the girls.


1/17/2015 12:25:41 PM

SEAWAVE's SparkPage
Only thing I have an issue with are the shoes. My podiatrist told me she's seen as many problems with people wearing "ballet flats" as she has with people who wear very high heels. Neither one really provides the support you need. I keep my heels for when I'm mostly sitting, or for weddings and parties when I know I'll be taking them off anyway to dance LOL!


1/12/2015 1:24:28 PM

Great advice with added commentary on the importance of right fit. Thanks, I need to get a new black dress.

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