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Subway 6 inch Oven Roasted Chicken Breast

This is the ONLY sandwich I get at Subway. I absolutely love the choice of having spinach instead of lettuce and I didn't eat spinach until then. The sodium is lower than most sandwiches also.

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Submitted by CHEFFAKING

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3/13/2015 12:35:22 PM

BULLS_BEARS2000's SparkPage
A GREAT SUBSTITUTION!!!! - Ask for Spinach instead of their regular lettuce ( iceberg) on your sandwiches - much healthier stuff and tastes better to me - but realize it is not for everyone.


4/12/2014 12:07:15 AM

Definately my favorite sub. I get the 6 inch whole wheat toasted with lots of veggies.


8/4/2013 12:21:48 PM

DR1939's SparkPage
I eat this about once a week. I do not add cheese and have double spinach, green peppers, and cucumbers plus regular serving of tomatoes and onions. I do not use any dressing, all the veggies make the sandwich moist enough. I talked my DH, a confirmed mayo man, into trying this and even if he orders a higher fat sandwich, he does not use mayo.


5/10/2011 6:41:45 PM

Definately my favourite sub! And with the honey oat bread it goes perfectly!


9/13/2010 10:32:16 PM

ACOP65's SparkPage
I love all subway sandwiches


8/17/2010 1:50:55 AM

MJGAULE's SparkPage
just so people know.... the chicken breast is processed so if people would rather go natural the chicken strips are the better choice....


2/11/2010 5:31:10 PM

MASRITE's SparkPage
Love this sandwhich. I usually get the non-fat honey mustard and sometimes will ask for double chicken. I load up on the vegies. Yummy! Sounds like a good idea for lunch right now!!


9/1/2009 10:28:17 PM

TOWHEE's SparkPage
I adore this sandwich. I fill it with lots of vegies, no cheese, and no dressings (I've never been a mayo or mustard fan). The vegies give it enough moisture in my opinion.
I get the footlong and have it for two meals.


9/1/2009 10:22:10 AM

When my daughter has too many activities to make it home between school, sports, dance, music, etc in one night. We share a footlong... each adding the veggies of our choice... It is low priced, quick and easy.... We order ice water too.... Great mom and daughter time!!!!!


8/29/2009 12:29:17 PM

After I had my son I was on a very limited diet because of his food sensitivities through me. This sandwich became the first and only one I truly loved minus the cheese and mayo. I still order it today. I get it with lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, crushed peppers, pepper, oil and extra vinegar. It is so good!!!


7/14/2009 1:30:03 PM

This has been my favorite since they started the $5 footlongs, but now I get mustard instead of mayo or ranch, and I only get the 6 so I'm not tempted to eat the whole thing at one meal, but having 6" one day and 6" the next is a great way to stretch your money.

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