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applebees garlic mashed potatoes

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Submitted by ROXYPUG1
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9/22/2010 3:56:15 PM

Okay, 330 makes more sense. I would eat 10 pounds of them if they were only 30 calories per serving!


7/27/2010 2:46:56 PM

SANDYMCG1524's SparkPage
They actually have 330 calories according to the website, but a baked potatoe there has 380, I am not sure if the baked is counting the scoop of butter and sour cream, I sure hope so. I had baked the other night and took the butter and sour cream off enough had melted in to give me a good flavor. I think the 7oz sirlon with Pot and veggies is still a good choice coming in at around 640, you can also order double veggies which would make your meal around 360 if you skip the potatoe. I have never had a bad steak at Applebees! Yum!


6/24/2010 4:25:16 PM

30 calories hahahahaah


1/12/2010 4:52:36 PM

These have way more than 30 Cal

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