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Red Lobster Grilled Tilapia (half portion)

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Submitted by SPANKY161
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10/6/2011 11:35:54 AM

TXMEMAW6's SparkPage
Whenever I go to Red Lobster, I have a house salad with the red wine vinegarette dressing on the side and just dip my fork in the dressing. That way, even with the lighter dressing, I save calories. Then I get the tilapia with fresh broccoli and a baked potato with nothing but pico de gallo on top. Really delicious!!!


7/23/2010 10:28:35 PM

HEFFER2918's SparkPage
The last time we visited Red Lobster, I had a house salad with light ranch first, then the tilapia with fresh broccoli and mashed potatoes with no gravy. It was delicious and filling!!! So much better than when I ate the fatty, greasy shrimp alfredo:(

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