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Red Lobster, Grilled Shrimp

Grilled shrimp skewers are a wonderfully tasty meal that is low in calories and fat but high in protein! It usually comes on a bed of rice pilaf (another healthier side), so finish the meal with some seasoned broccoli and voila! A low-calorie, low-fat delicious meal from one of your favorite restaurants!

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Submitted by SHUXREI
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3/7/2011 10:45:06 PM

hmmm....thanks laDIES


2/8/2011 1:46:56 PM

W8Watcherk8, Red Lobster does not give information such as protein or vitamin content, although their web site does say seafood is "high in protein". That's probably why so many fields are blank on there. The info here doesn't give sodium content either, and I'm sure this has sodium in it.

Here's another selection, Wood-grilled shrimp skewers:
Calories 360
Fat 7
Sat. fat 1.5
Sodium 1290
Carbs 47

Sparkpeople indicates that 3 oz. of cooked shrimp has about 17 grams of protein. So it's not really empty calories :)


8/27/2010 8:23:51 PM

I thought this would have been healthier - it appears from the "nutrition facts" that it is only Empty Calories. Is this so?


3/25/2010 5:44:19 PM

I'm guessing the calorie count is for one skewer of grilled shrimp?

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