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Applebees - Chicken Fajita Rollup (est. combo port.)

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Submitted by MEESHE2
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11/2/2012 10:25:30 AM

LW8843's SparkPage
IF I was going to order this I would subistute the fries for fruit or veggies and ask for 1/2 to be boxed up. Then it's not as bad.


12/17/2011 4:12:28 PM

ALIBOO36's SparkPage
OMG - I love this wrap, but I just looked on Applebee's website and they list it as 1050 calories and 59 g fat and that doesn't even include the fries, which I love so I know I would eat! GOOD GOD! If I wanted this for dinner I would have to eat 500 calories for breakfast and lunch and no fat - not a wise way to go! This will have to be a very SPECIAL treat!!!

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