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Long John Silver Tilapia/Rice/Vegie

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Submitted by TONKA14
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7/20/2013 9:41:54 PM

I just checked the website and this item is no longer listed.


9/9/2012 8:36:14 PM

I found this very good. Our LJS offered it with green beans which I found to be very tastey. I choose the meal without the corn and bread.


12/18/2010 12:46:42 PM

It was tasteless, the veggies were swimming in some kind of sauce and overall just really gross.


10/8/2010 9:35:37 AM

HBASKIN's SparkPage
I was afraid to try this because it was at a fast food restaurant, however it was actually delicious! The seasoning on the fish is wonderful and the sides are prepared just right! It's a lot of food for something considered to be healthy, when people typically think you can't eat 'anything'. The sodium is high, so I am hoping they can work on that in the future!


8/17/2010 9:08:56 AM

Not sure I consider this "healthy" with ALMOST 1100 mg of sodium in it!! Especially when/if you're on a low sodium diet taking in only 1500 mg for the ENTIRE day...


3/6/2010 1:09:17 PM

BAR0867's SparkPage
It's very good and filling... hard to resist the bread stick though.


7/30/2009 2:55:35 PM

I tried the grilled tilapia and thought it was horrible! it was mushy and tasteless. Maybe they are different regionally?


6/30/2009 6:05:42 AM

GOLIAD's SparkPage
This grilled tilapia was suprisingly good.

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