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Subway 6 inch ham sub
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5/12/2012 2:40:58 PM

I also make the footlong into two meals. I get all the veggies on the side so that they don't make the bread soggy. I'd like to skip the cheese but I feel like I'm cheating myself out of something if I do.


10/12/2011 8:41:26 PM

P31MOME's SparkPage
So, does these calories include mayonnaise and and cheese?


10/14/2010 1:16:20 PM

MERRC85's SparkPage
I tend to stay away from ham, but because it's on the $5 footlong menu I gave it a shot and now it is my absolute favorite! I buy the footlong and eat half for lunch one day and the other half the next day. A $2.50 lunch is not bad at all and it's delicious!

No cheese
Green Peppers
Banana Peppers
Yellow Mustard


7/22/2009 12:46:35 PM

JESSICA613's SparkPage
you can never go wrong with this one!!

vinegar only

all the veggies

whole wheat bread

i love it


6/30/2009 8:34:23 AM

NEEDDS's SparkPage
I eat these frequently. I get the 9 grain oat bread and I add lettuce, tomatos, green peppers, onions, cucumbers and a tiny bit of the sweet onion dressing (it gets too drippy otherwise). I get the apple slices and a bottled water and mm, mm, good!

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