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starbucks vanilla latte Nonfat Tall no-whip

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Submitted by TONKA14
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11/2/2011 9:47:59 AM

I get the Skinny Vanilla Latte - Venti, and it is only 160 calories or 8 calories and once. I enjoy coffe for the most part, so this seems to work well. Whip cream is never an option.


6/24/2010 3:54:01 PM

BONJI40's SparkPage
Yes, I agree with Bella--get the Skinny Vanilla. The tall is only 90 calories!! Never never never get the whip!!!


8/22/2009 10:29:30 AM

order a skinny latte...made with skim milk and sugar free syrup (if you get a flavored one)

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