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Applebees chili lime chicken salad (weight watchers)

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Submitted by TONKA14
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2/1/2012 9:06:37 AM

ACOURIE's SparkPage
I choose this because it was one of the healthy choices on the menu. I thought it was terrible! The chilli sauce and lime did not complement each other at all and i usually like to try new things. The result was like eating nail polish remover. I ended up picking all of the chicken off and trying to just eat the veggies by themself. I will not order this one again.


6/3/2011 5:07:50 PM

OKIE_NANA's SparkPage
Wish I'd seen this a few hours ago. After we left home, my husband decided to go to Applebee's. He purchased for the 2/$20 selection. I was so hungry by the time we got there that I agreed. The least objectionable option seemed to be the chicken wings. I settled on the fiesta lime chicken, skipped most of the cheese, rice, and crispies.


12/12/2009 10:30:35 PM

SUNSHINE150's SparkPage
Delicious, filling yet light.


7/16/2009 5:14:12 PM

Very filling and satisfying

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