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The Power of SparkPeople's Start Page

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5/30/2016 3:57:54 PM

Week ago my spark page disconnected. I am able to get on sometime, do not like the new format for tracking. Your tech people have tried to help, but I have to sign in everytime I go to the site. This last week has been stressful I am thinking about quiting.


2/18/2016 5:37:05 PM

TLCFME's SparkPage
Thanks for the overview! Refreshed some functions and learned new to me features!


2/3/2016 10:54:32 AM

MICHAELLE2's SparkPage
very nice intro video. wish I had found it on day one...LOL


1/29/2016 12:33:34 PM

NORE1969's SparkPage
I love this site! Keep up the good work and thank you SPARK for being here for me.


10/23/2015 10:46:37 PM

Great Overview!


10/22/2015 11:51:46 AM

AMREENAKRAM1982's SparkPage
how do i get the scale on my profile, which indicates weight loss


10/1/2015 3:32:51 PM

Helpful video


9/2/2015 5:33:36 AM

I still have one question. Where do I upload my photo?


9/2/2015 5:32:24 AM

This was very helpful. Thanks.


8/27/2015 12:05:55 PM

CAT-IN-CJ's SparkPage
Well, this doesn't help at all . . . it's obsolete information. . . . and needs updating to reflect the changes in the past 10 months since it was made!!!!!


8/26/2015 12:11:09 PM

LEHUAMOM's SparkPage
This video loads slowly. And no sound???? Maybe there is not supposed to be sound?


8/21/2015 9:48:34 AM

CYN5200's SparkPage
This site has never worked for me. If I'm lucky, I see Giorgio Armani. This happens every time. I could really use this information.


8/15/2015 1:06:01 PM

Nice vid. My watch again later


8/10/2015 2:24:10 PM

CAREMORE4's SparkPage
Great informative video! Thanks so much.


8/10/2015 8:56:56 AM

CMITCHELL34's SparkPage
I already use section 3, but will start using the other sections now that I know a little more about them. Thanks for the video.

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