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An Overview of the SparkPeople Community

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7/19/2014 11:50:16 AM

JOYFUL62's SparkPage
I am very confused by the videos. The start page in the video does not match what I have and I do not have a "tools" tab at all. I am struggling with finding my way around the site and these videos are just making it worse. If you are not going to update than you might want to consider removing them.


5/30/2014 3:16:29 PM

Very helpful.


4/9/2014 8:13:04 PM

Introvert on massive overload!
I am becoming a big fan of Coach Nicole. Her clear, cogent delivery is so welcoming. I'm sure you'll be updating this video soon, to match the current format. Even so, the information is still so valuable. Great Job!


4/9/2014 10:25:03 AM

This sight would be useful if we were updated.


3/6/2014 8:18:18 PM

far too many members do NOT understand how to set up sparkstreak to their new teams.
People join teams & join a team goal- but then do not understand they have to set up their OTHER GOALS page for tracking... award time comes and they are left out, nothing is tracked. Please make a new demo video specific to this issue

Karen leader of "because I can"


2/7/2014 6:05:05 PM

think it would be very helpful to the newcomers to Sparkpeople if this video was updated. It doesn't match the new and improved Start Page at all. Only a suggestion so it's helpful for all.


1/26/2014 2:25:48 PM

BUCS1221's SparkPage
I just joined last week and these videos has been a great help to me Thanks so much!!


1/24/2014 8:12:17 PM

DALD22's SparkPage
I am new..This was very helpful :)


1/2/2014 12:26:28 PM

Hello 2014 and Goodbye old me.Fabulosity here I come:-)


12/31/2013 11:31:56 AM

JKO6179's SparkPage
Nice video, but it was created before the website updates, so the visuals aren't current.


12/14/2013 3:04:59 PM

The visuals could be updated just a bit.


11/14/2013 10:58:35 AM

MICHELE142's SparkPage
Learn something once again Today from Spark.


10/2/2013 11:07:56 PM

FISHGUT3's SparkPage


7/25/2013 3:39:06 PM

won 500 points on the wheel where can i find them at??


7/11/2013 5:39:22 PM

FISHER011's SparkPage
great tutorial video!

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