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Test Your Supplement Smarts


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everyday learn something new
Good video!
Wahoo! I got all of them right!! Bananas, strawberries,kale lettuce are good sources of vitamin k.
Nailed 'em all! Good video.
We don't have an equivalent of USP here in the UK. I also thought strawberries were a good source of vitamin K but that wasn't mentioned, so maybe not
I missed the usp question but I knew the other ones. Good information is always helpful.
I got 100% YES!
I got 3/5 and I learned that I have to get a calcium supplement because I don't meet the daily target with food and my multivitamin does not provide enough to cover.
Didn't know about USP and got the calcium one wrong, but seems I'm pretty knowledgeable. Yippee!
Enjoyed the video.
This video was really interesting & informative; I answered most of the questions correctly, but I also learned alot.
5/5... Surprised myself...
Wasn't sure about the P in the last one
Got them all but the first!
4/5...kind of knew what USP represented, but didn't know the P stood for Pharmacopia
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