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2 Moves for a Better Butt


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very painful so it must work!!
Will this guarantee a better date?
I have a bad knee, standing up and bending hurts.

I think I'll try these on a mat, knees and hands on the floor, then lift each leg up.
I like these short straightforward videos. Baby steps. If there is a way to modify for knee pain, that would be helpful. Thanks!
My knees are bad, is there something else besides lunges? I can do the other one standing.
I have mobility issues but I'm going to try anyway ,I need help w/ my buns ,lol!!!!!:-))
reps of each and my legs feel like lead. but I'll get better and add reps.
my knees didnt like this but they will in time
This is a great workout for me that's seems where all my weight is going to lol
At this point the lunges are too difficult. I have hard time keeping my balance.
I will add this to my workout.
I will definitely add this to my fitness routine...
Should try these.
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