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20-Minute Total Body Strengthener

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5/13/2015 8:06:15 PM

KWRYCHA5's SparkPage
This was great. I needed a quick strengthen exerciser.


2/2/2015 8:07:25 PM

Can't understand a word she's saying, but I see what she's doing. Probably a good low-level workout. Nice scenery.


1/5/2015 11:10:13 AM

BRONHI's SparkPage
I wish SparkPeople would quit using these video players, they're highly unstable. I don't have knee problems, but I feel like she's doing these moves too briskly


1/1/2015 8:04:38 PM

I have a service connected disability in my left knee. Usually i would not continue this, but if I don't my knee locks up anyway. If I do, my knee gives out...But I do have to exercise. I don't have mats or dumbells, but I do use a couple of heavy soup cans in the place of those and hard floors is all I have so a sleeping bag will just have to do. I will continue doing what I can in this video, and stop at what I cannot for now. Hopefully this will help me strengthen my left knee to work more. I do farm during spring/fall times and need this type of strengthener to help me with it.


11/21/2014 9:17:16 PM

MUSICLADY1949's SparkPage
Thanks to those of you who mentioned that you can't do this because of bad knees. I am in that club, unfortunately so will have to try something else.


11/12/2014 9:47:39 PM

I went snap crackle and pop all the way and did it, to what I'm able to do .had to hold the chair but is worth it


10/28/2014 4:02:16 AM

MSMARTI1958's SparkPage
This is no good. I am 56 with arthritis and a total knee replacement. Can't do lunges and squats.


9/18/2014 12:35:12 AM

Can't hear the video even though my volumes all the way up on my computer


8/5/2014 6:02:03 PM

great workout....go those endorphins!


7/29/2014 4:37:12 PM

MISSM66's SparkPage
Great workout,I love it


7/8/2014 8:28:49 AM

This is an awesome and quick workout :)


6/29/2014 9:10:57 PM

I love weight work, but this program had too many lunges. I am 56 and my knees are not able to do that many, especially while balancing with weights. Just a word of caution for those who may be in similar situation.
Nicole's 30 minute dumbbell video was better for me.


5/17/2014 7:08:05 PM

KRISTA987's SparkPage
This is a great work out! Really built up a sweat!


5/5/2014 7:46:29 AM

how do you save to favorites?


5/3/2014 5:58:09 PM

ERIN_POSCH's SparkPage
was really looking forward to this.... but I'm not able to get anything to play other than the MKTO add.... OH GOODY!!!! 8(

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