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20-Minute Fat Blaster

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9/19/2014 2:18:24 PM

this program was fabulous, it really worked my body. I will try and keep this program as my favorite.


9/11/2014 8:41:40 PM

Good workout! I thought the directions were excellent. The modifications were also excellent.


9/11/2014 11:46:18 AM

This was great! Definitely incorporating this into my work out routines!!


9/8/2014 8:40:23 AM

SONIAFIT's SparkPage
Loved this video. Felt the burn! Liked the fact that I can do adaptations.


9/7/2014 11:12:30 AM

I am always and forever amazed at the lovely, young, certainly not an ounce overweight, woman who make the videos exhibiting the exercises to lose weight and get muscles in shape. I wonder where you find them.


9/7/2014 8:55:28 AM

KEATON753's SparkPage
I too loved this workout!!! I've been using it regularly, as well as Violet Zaki's other Cardio Kick workout. I actually ended up purchasing two of her DVD's because I enjoyed her enthusiasm and motivation in her instructions. Her videos on DVD not only include the warmup, but a cool down as well.


8/19/2014 8:59:12 AM

i noticed that you have to click the small play (triangle) under the video instead of the big one in the middle.


8/14/2014 1:01:23 PM

I loved loved loved this one. It challenged me even if I didn't have the weights to do it with. Thank you for the workout I will do this one again. FEEL THE BURN :)


8/11/2014 6:42:30 PM

definitely a beginner, but I did enjoy the work out. Worked up a sweat and it went really fast. I will do this one again for sure!


7/28/2014 3:31:43 AM

By eck, I feel as though I have worked after that! I am all of a muck sweat!


6/28/2014 12:15:54 PM

It would be great if there was an option to print these workouts. Used to get that option more often than we do now. Some folks like to print them and take them to the gym and use them, not everyone likes or has the option for the video preference whether you by the DVD or not. Is it possible to get the option to print the workouts anymore???


6/27/2014 11:48:53 AM

For those of you who were not able to watch /open the video you can purchase the DVD from acacia lifestyle. I purchased it awhile ago. It is Cardio Sculp & I got a Cardio Kick also that is good. The instructor is Violet Zaki. They are extremely inexpensive.


6/21/2014 12:03:15 PM

That was the best work out! thank you


6/19/2014 3:26:25 PM

AWESOME! Loved it. As a mom of 4 kids, I am always looking for time-saving workouts that not only work multiple areas at once, but also gives a great workout in a small amount of time.


6/19/2014 8:44:21 AM

this was a great workout to target cardio and sculpt at the same time.also I like this video because it show you can adapt certain move to low impact

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