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18-Minute Boot Camp Cardio Sculpt


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I tried playing this video both with Firefox and Internet Explorer, but it didn't work in either browser. Then I ran out of time. So instead of getting in a nice, 18-minute workout that I was looking forward to, I sat here for 10 minutes trying to get the video to load and then I gave up. :(
I didn't think I could get such a good workout in 18 mins. Awesome workout! A must buy.
It's obvious that something your web person/people or a hacker did recently has broken something on your site having to do with video play. They aren't working in all browsers, and they should. This one USED to work in Firefox. Today, it finally started after many attempts, then part way through it, some company's ad audio started playing over the video audio, then stopped. Then the video went for a few seconds more and completely stopped well before the end.
I don't know if your site was hacked or if some web person just doesn't know their stuff, but hundreds of people are leaving comments about your videos and it appears as if no one at SparkPeople is reading them and fixing what is broken? Shouldn't matter that it is a Saturday. All videos should work in all browsers, at all times, if you want to keep viewers. That's just the way the online world works now. I hope someone fixes these soon.
worked for me, kind of slowed down occasionally, but only for a couple of seconds each time, and I just carried on doing what I was doing and caught up
will not play had to go to another web site to work out rediculaour not happy
I could get the video to play if I click the play arrow before the ad begins. Good workout, thank you!
video will not play when I click the "play" button, screen stays black.
Like others, cannot get video to play after Uncle Ben commercial!
Tried several times to do this workout, but the video would not work. Disappointing.
I'm 66 years old. I do several days at the gym, but when I'm tired, need a change of pace or just can't find an hour and a half for my usual routine, this is very doable.
Great workout. My knees struggle with a few of the exercises / motions but having your "beginner" and "advanced" options helps quite a bit! Thanks Nicole!
video is not working for me, i played videos else where, so I know its not my computer,
Just did this. I didn't know what the eff I was doing, which could mean that I need to stick to basics for a bit longer. But I'm sure sweating hard, so I hope that it counted for something. :-|
Loved it.
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