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10-Minute Arm Toning Workout

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4/16/2014 11:15:24 AM

this video is not working


4/5/2014 4:56:46 PM

What a lovely way to take a break and work the tension out of the shoulders after working on the computer. This is a keeper!


2/27/2014 11:27:52 AM

I don't know what your mom is talking about but I felt the burn all the way around in every muscle. Did she even do the workout? I don't think you can tell just by watching it what muscles it's working. You have to try it to know.


2/1/2014 6:17:46 PM

I was trying to find a good arm strength training routine and fell on this video. Asked my Mother to view it and give me her professional opinion on it, she is an Occupational Therapist and knows a lot about the muscles in the upper body. In her opinion the majority of the exercises addressed only the biceps and deltoids and only about 25% addressed the triceps thus creating an imbalance in the arm. My Mother has a real issue with this video's exercises because someone only following this video she can foresee them creating an imbalance in their arms and also obtaining elbow contractures due to over strengthening of the biceps. In her opinion the biceps are naturally strong and do not need to be strengthen as much as the triceps need to be.

I'm going to continue to look through Spark Videos to find a proper ratio of arm strengthening exercises, or I just might use this video with tweaks offered by my Mother so I am working more of my triceps vs biceps.


1/31/2014 8:06:17 AM

DAISY443's SparkPage
At 74, I was able to do most of the exercises, but found it awkward to try to watch and move from standing to chain to mat. Fun to try it anyway!


1/20/2014 11:23:23 AM

I thought this a a good way to start my strength training again!!


1/11/2014 6:10:35 AM

CLK1948's SparkPage
Hi, at 65 I cannot do all the exercises, but most of them. When you do the ones on the mat, I walk in place. Thanks for the arm workout.


12/23/2013 7:08:29 AM

CLK1948's SparkPage
Feels good. I couldn't do some of it, so I adjusted and improvised. Nice moves, and very empowering. Thanks!!


11/19/2013 6:43:24 AM

CARRIELYN56's SparkPage
Very nice!


11/14/2013 8:29:59 PM

DEB62BIE62's SparkPage
Love this workout, except when I'm trying to do the pushups my cat gets under me. crazy cat.


10/24/2013 3:32:34 PM

I love the instructor! Kind of cheesy and and overenthusiastic (as is the norm), but in a good way. She exudes a very positive attitude and makes following this fun.


10/19/2013 10:00:51 AM

GOALSETTER733's SparkPage
Excellent. Clear instructions and smoothly done.


10/12/2013 11:56:31 AM

MSBLACC37's SparkPage
Great video


7/17/2013 2:36:08 PM

DELLMEL's SparkPage
Great video. Love it for my arms.


6/13/2013 12:01:21 AM

KARENLEIGH32's SparkPage
I like this video a lot, great workout for arms. I have it in my favorites and use it often.

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