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11-Minute Chair Cardio Workout

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2/9/2016 2:30:51 PM

very enjoyable...think I'll do it twice!!!


2/8/2016 9:56:37 PM

DROG_75's SparkPage
I'm a permanent wheelchair user, with Spina Bifida. I'm constantly looking for fresh cardio ideas (especially during the winter months). This workout was awesome! Thanks so much!


2/5/2016 10:30:43 AM

This video was great for me since I have a bad knee, hip, and back. Trying to make some changes by dieting and exercising. Thank you!!


2/1/2016 4:12:59 PM

FOXBAY99's SparkPage
This workout was great for me. I added it to my favorites. It is the kind of workout I need because I walk with a walker and my balance isn't too good. Thank you.


2/1/2016 10:48:24 AM

I have been neglecting these exercises and I can tell! My muscles are complaining, but I stuck with it and feel good that I did some cardio. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


1/31/2016 9:17:36 PM

I had knee arthroscopic surgery Aug 2015 and Chair Aerobics has really work for me but some workout is better then none, If u cant stand sit if u cant sit then there are floor workouts too just get to moving lol


1/31/2016 3:32:35 PM

COLLEEN2016's SparkPage
I just joined a 10 min a day workout challenge so this helped out wonderfully. Yesterday I did an hour Yoga class and today I wanted to do something lite because I have come down with a cold and don't want to go outside to walk. I am extremely out of shape and my body is sore from the Yoga class yesterday.Thanks so much!!!


1/28/2016 2:20:59 PM

SKEETOR's SparkPage
Just wanted to try out a seated cardio routine. Great!


1/27/2016 7:31:44 PM

DAWNUH's SparkPage
I also have MS and continue to love working with Nicole Nichols and her workout videos on this wonderful site.
No matter what one's struggle is, keeping active & moving is vital!


1/27/2016 4:26:19 PM

JENNILEE27's SparkPage
I absolutely love this! Thank you. I've been told that I have MS (I don't want it) so this helps so much!


1/25/2016 10:28:12 PM

NYMEA59's SparkPage
This helps because I am waiting for knee replacements on both knees which makes even walking hard to do. Still hard because I have heart failure so I need to keep the intensity a bit lower than she does ... but still it is moving .. doing something.


1/23/2016 4:25:18 PM

I've been so bummed because I injured my knee. Thanks for this video!


1/18/2016 9:08:27 PM

DLANDREWS09's SparkPage
Thank you! What a great workout for my computer desk while I am getting some school work done.


1/15/2016 10:33:34 AM

KICKINGIT@56's SparkPage
It's cold and rainy today but thanks to you and this video I was able to get in a good workout.


1/14/2016 9:04:07 AM

Did this at my desk at work right after breakfast. I plan on using it again! Perfect way to get exercise!

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