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11-Minute Chair Cardio Workout


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Definitely got my heart rate up, good work out. Thank you!
love this work out, didn't think this workout would get my heart rate up, boy was I wrong I 'm sweating
It was a good workout. Surprisingly, it had me feeling as though I had really worked out. I guess I did.
love this love this love this! An amazing way to pump up energy while at work!
awesome way to start the day
For someone who is not into exercising, this is quite the workout. This is just what I was looking for!
wow, i can barely type this is awesome. for this week i will alternate this video with walking the beach on the sand
WOW!!! This 11 minutes in a chair cardio was no joke!!!!
That was intense for me! Wow! Great workout while waiting...satisfied two challenges with this one.
Coach Nicole, I'm mad at that I found this video, you have taken away my excuse for not exercising on mornings I feel lazy! I prefer exercising outside, but it is too cold and dark right now. But I didn't feel like getting up from the couch to stand in front of the tv and follow a video.....So now when I feel lazy....I still have a video I can follow without getting up, hehe.
Thank you for making this video for all of us who need to get started slowly. And thank you most of all for making it approachable. I love the attitude of the coach and I CAN DO THIS!
9 months later and I am still recovering from a broken ankle and had all but given up on exercising. These chair exercises have given me hope that I can still reach fitness goals
This is a workout I can do when my arthritis flares up in my knee. Love it!
AWESOME! If your lower back bothers you when you pick up both feet at the same time, go back to lifting just one leg or foot at a time. And always follow her cool down as long as you need to get your heart rate back down to where is was when you were warming up. When stretching, you again may need to do one leg at a time if doing both hurts your knees or back or hips. This is a great cardio routine and she is a great instructor. Have fun!
My exercise routine was halted due to a severe/chronic sciatic pain issue. The issue has mostly been resolved, but I've never been able to get back into exercises requiring that I stand for more than 10 minutes. As a result, my cholesterol level is now over 200. I have great hope that this chair exercise will help reduce my cholesterol level.
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