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11-Minute Chair Cardio Workout

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6/18/2014 1:45:10 PM

HAWTGRANNY2014's SparkPage
it kept going off and on so gave up


6/18/2014 12:30:09 AM

good workout for someone who can't do alot of walking. Or for on those days when weather doesnt permit it.


6/17/2014 10:55:40 AM

EGMINGA's SparkPage
Good workout since walking can be a bit hard for me some days thanks


6/16/2014 4:38:24 PM

MAKEWEE's SparkPage
I keep getting a black screen with a message stating transmission failed at queque step 5 due to cross transmission errors. HUH????? What do I do now?


6/16/2014 2:12:34 PM

Great workout. I needed a good chair exercise routine and this one fit the bill.


6/12/2014 11:33:50 PM

This workout kicked my butt!!! but I'm going to stick with it. It's better than trying to walk around the block with my back problems. I love this work out!


6/12/2014 3:46:02 AM

CEEJAYLO's SparkPage
Wow! That looks so easy, but was so tough.... :-)


6/6/2014 9:14:40 AM

KARYNLYNN17's SparkPage
I am trying to do this video everyday for 5 days - today is only day 2 and it truly was great to feel exhausted. I sent a private message to someone experiencing a lot of pain. On the days that I have a lot of pain this helps me.


6/3/2014 10:46:45 PM

How do I view the video? I click on the video but it takes me to a page that tells me the benefits and spark points I will receive.


5/31/2014 3:55:17 PM

KOOLAID5070's SparkPage
worked great after getting shin splints from my run yesterday! now I don't have to count today as lost!


5/30/2014 9:43:49 AM

SAMMYBEAR7632's SparkPage
Thank you so much...that was just what I needed to get going!!! Loved it!


5/28/2014 7:14:55 AM

TPETRIE's SparkPage
I haven't done this video in awhile and I can't believe the intensity I put into this today. It certainly has showed me how far I have come.


5/26/2014 2:27:03 PM

Wonderful, ! An exercise video I can actually follow and do.
Thank you.


5/21/2014 4:08:50 PM

This works great for me as I am physically unable to move my right leg due to MS. I feel stronger already!


5/20/2014 1:50:43 PM

Twisted my ankle, it was nice that I could still do some exercising.

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