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11-Minute Chair Cardio Workout

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4/15/2014 7:49:54 PM

This was great!!!! A lot more challenging than I thought it would be. Thanks!!!


4/15/2014 5:35:19 PM

Finally, a chair routine that raises my heart rate and can be varied as necessary. Excellent instructor--I could actually follow her instructions! I have several orthopedic problems, so floor routines are out for me, but this video is a keeper!


4/15/2014 11:00:41 AM

Thanks again for your wonderful exercises .arthritis is my problem and the shoulders are a bit touchy, these movements being done to your own ability will help with range of motion.


4/15/2014 7:44:58 AM

I enjoyed this 11-minute workout. I cannot exercise much due to a head injury, but this workout was just right for me. Thank you very much.


4/15/2014 7:43:59 AM

I was surprised at how complete these exercises were.


4/10/2014 7:18:58 AM

CLK1948's SparkPage
Hi Nicole, Hurt my back a couple of weeks ago, and couldn't exercise. However, the doctor says I can now, as long as it doesn't hurt. I was able to exercise with you this morning, and it felt good. Thanks Nicole, you are doing a great job for alot of people who need an easier, yet productive way to exercise at times of transition.


4/4/2014 9:09:25 PM

SPINSTER321's SparkPage
Just did this for the first time. Wow, that was a hell of a workout! Definitely gonna do it from now on.


4/4/2014 6:56:02 PM

I wasn't sure if this was a real workout, but it truly is. Although it's only 11 minutes, you definitely feel it especially in your legs. I would definitely do it again.



4/4/2014 2:44:42 PM

This was awesome! My coworker and I just completed it! Really works your legs!


4/3/2014 3:29:05 PM

Whew...that was great!


4/3/2014 12:32:36 PM

That was a great cardio workout. For those office workers it is a great 11 minute workout we can do at the office. I plan to add it to my daily schedule.


4/3/2014 12:03:01 PM

Silver sneakers covers most of these cardio exercises. Excellent workout


4/3/2014 8:33:18 AM

Chair exercises are wonderful when you are working from an injury! Good video, but no music?


4/3/2014 7:50:32 AM

TALLYFL's SparkPage
I had not idea I was so uncoordinated! LOL. Arms & legs in opposite brain just couldn't connect the dots this morning!


3/31/2014 9:11:37 AM

PAINT389's SparkPage
I have a total right hip replacement and will get the left one done next year. And this was GREAT! I see I need to crank up the upper body! I have added this link to my favs. THANK YOU!

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