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9-Minute Seated Arm and Shoulder Workout

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1/5/2014 12:12:55 PM

This is great. The therapist said I need to do workout for my neck and shoulders. This is going to work really well and it's not long.


12/29/2013 3:24:42 PM

RESCU82's SparkPage
Quick and easy! Love it with 5-8 pound weights it's a great upper body workout when I'm pressed for time.


12/28/2013 11:03:38 PM

246824682's SparkPage
I have people wmup 5-10 minutes befor weights side to side step


12/22/2013 6:56:07 PM

Nicole, cannot tell you how much I appreciate this video. I also love that you remind me to keep my back straight and core tight. I am recovering from a fall that injured both my back and my knees and the doctor was adamant that I get some exercise, this was perfect for me. May be a bit sore in the shoulders tomorrow but I know it is a good sore that means I am making progress. You rock Coach!


12/22/2013 10:12:59 AM

Thanks, Nicole. Good workout and I appreciate your encouragement.


12/20/2013 6:40:24 PM

WENDIQ's SparkPage
Nicole, you are such a doll. I have been doing these exercises for a month now and your smiling face makes me smile too....I love the way you so pleasantly talk me through the exercise. Thank You!!!


12/19/2013 8:29:31 AM

RESCU82's SparkPage
Thanks for the seated workouts. I had a minor surgery on my thigh and am not allowed to do my regular workouts for a week. I found these videos and think they are a decent (if easy for me) way to keep my habit going but respect the needs of my body while it's healing. Thank you!!


12/9/2013 11:03:28 AM

Loved the workout. Good to do at work during break!!


12/6/2013 1:08:43 PM

I really enjoyed this workout!!


11/25/2013 7:59:34 AM

SERENE.ONE's SparkPage
sorry guys , no Qs here. didn't read.


11/25/2013 7:58:20 AM

SERENE.ONE's SparkPage
how do you bookmark videos to se them again?


11/25/2013 7:56:30 AM

SERENE.ONE's SparkPage
Great workout!


11/20/2013 12:09:12 PM

Luv this work out. Just did it at work during our work place wellness time! Yea feel so good!


11/19/2013 1:46:04 PM

Awesome!! Just dit this work out on by break at work!! Feeling really good!!!


11/18/2013 8:53:40 AM

I'm new here, just trying to find a routine, and this work well,,,,really enjoy this workout, and in a few minutes it really help me to move on,,,,thank you :)

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