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9-Minute Seated Arm and Shoulder Workout


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This is great. I can do this. Ty so much for vids I can do.
Great workout.
Great workout, as always. Good to use at work for a break.
Good workout. I enjoyed this and was doable.
A Great work out. I really enjoyed doing this.
I like this idea to work-out from a chair!
Great exercise. Helping me to make a comeback after a mini stroke. Just right. Thanks Nicole
This was very good for me....the only part I could not do is bending my head down. I have a balance and neck problem due to a car accident and have restrictions at work. I did it without weights. I am just glad I can do something. I look forward to wearing tank tops when my upper arms are better this summer.
a little fast for those of us who have mobililty issues due to diability.. i have no upper arm strength due to surgeries done when i was a kid. moving legs fast is also a problem as most of my weight is on my butt.
I loved this video. This is my first day doing this video and I am proud of myself for doing it. I have said for the last two days I was going to do it. Thank you sparkspeople.
It's perfect for me!
TAMLYNN08 - IMHO - for the 9-minute session the calorie burn would be minimal. My guesstimate would be 10 calories. I take a 60 minute strength training class 2-3x a week at the gym. I have worn my Heart Rate (HR) monitor to that class so that I would have a better picture regarding the calorie burn. The most I've burned is 108 calories. After thinking about this and doing some research I've come to the conclusion that without all the fancy equipment it's difficult to know for sure. It is a minimum amount though because this really doesn't get your HR up and even when it may go up into a calorie burning range that increase is not sustained for a significant period of time. But here's the good thing - the "after burn" for strength training last longer than the "after burn" for cardio! Also, mucsle burns more calories than fat, so the more muscle one has the more calories he or she will burn throughout the normal course of the day. Muscle takes up less room than fat and muscle gives us the "functional" fitness that we all need in order to be able to perform daily activities. For me, I track my strength training but I NEVER replace the calories I think I've burned with food. I am a cardio addict, so 4-6x a week I am on a spin bike or running - and I do eat back most of those calories that were burned. I don't overthink any of it and I've maintained an 85# weight lose since 1988! Enjoy!
I found this workout on the first day of finding this website and it's just what l needed. I am obese w/ back problems and arthritis so I needed something in a chair I could do. This is the first time in a long time I actually did some exercise so it was a good way to start on an exercise program!
This video is fantastic! My upper body strength is virtually nonexistent, and one of my goals is to improve it. I did this workout with the small weights I had at home and it was hard enough that I'm definitely feeling the burn, but not so hard I felt discouraged! Definitely recommend this to anyone who is starting out on working their upper body, or strength training in general!
Does anyone know how many calories are burned when doing this
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