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9-Minute Seated Arm and Shoulder Workout

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5/2/2013 10:29:59 AM

Me too!Im doing two times in a row and I feel so great mentally about that cuz just a few weeks ago I was struggling at only one time!yay us!!!!!


5/1/2013 4:39:51 PM

IKACEY's SparkPage
up to doing this two times in arow. Great for my arms shoulders and upperback and helping with flexibility on my shoulder joint with the arm circles. Enjoy this and look forward to it.


4/30/2013 8:37:01 PM

CHRSTNE2's SparkPage
My favorite. It's better to do something than nothing!!!


4/30/2013 5:23:27 PM

This is do-able!
Too much for me at the moment but some of this went really well and I got tired and ached so stopped and watched.
This is going to be a goal - to do the whole thing and I think it will be good for me AND weight loss too.
Felt safe sitting, have ideal chair and no balance problems so was able to devote my attention to the evercise - wonderful! Thank you.


4/30/2013 10:05:23 AM

DEBBYLEE615's SparkPage
GREAT WORK OUT....i hope i can do this video every morning before starting my day...


4/23/2013 11:01:02 AM

AILA003's SparkPage
good little workout! I stopped using the spark videos for the last 3 months, couldn't stand the advertising before each video! thank you for removing that, now I can come back to spark videos!!


4/22/2013 11:54:54 PM

CLAIR57's SparkPage
Love the work out!!!


4/20/2013 11:15:10 AM

good workout!


4/18/2013 7:56:26 PM

Great upper body workout! Thanks, Coach Nicole!


4/17/2013 4:27:15 PM

I have been using this video as well as the seated upper body video due to knee problems and they are great. I'm just getting ready to leave on vacation, though and they won't open on my tablet. Any ideas?


4/17/2013 11:15:06 AM

great arm excercise i hope that this will get my arms down!


4/13/2013 11:07:19 AM

CHRSTNE2's SparkPage
This was perfect and it went so quickly, yet I felt the muscle get a good short work out. I will continue to do these exercises daily until I get stronger and more endurance.


4/12/2013 9:26:53 PM

This really gave my arms and shoulders a good workout. This is perfect for me. Thank you Nicole!


4/12/2013 12:14:43 AM

I have a rare disease that causes me to be in so much pain. I can't do many exercises but the chair routines are a godsend! I do not know how they are for losing weight (I gained hundreds from the meds I had to be on), but they are wonderful. I feel great doing this, even without weights (I am not up to that yet), and I ask you add as many chair or low impact (for older or disabled or severely overweight people) as you can do! We, with limited mobility often are left out of fitness because all videos are made for the somewhat overweight or skinny people to follow. Bravo...and if anyone knows any chair yoga, or chair routines tell me :)


4/9/2013 8:43:48 PM

Good 'lil workout. Paired it with a boot camp video for a good sweat!!

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