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9-Minute Seated Arm and Shoulder Workout


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This was nice as a quick routine when I was just looking to try something out.
You can add an exercise to a different day if you miss tracking; just hit the back arrow to change the date on your fitness or food tracker. :-)

Great little routine!
I enjoy this video but I have to stand up.
Also want to remember to login to be able to track calories. I forgot to login once and without that, I couldn't track my calories for this one.
GASKIN134 - Under the video, there should a button TRACK CALORIES BURNED. This button will add the work-out to your SP Fitness Tracker.
This is a good exercise, But- since this is a Spark exercise why is there no information about calories burned, and why is there not a box to click after the exercise is done to add to my fitness tracker?
Awesome arm exercise :)
This was a nice arm workout ! Will do this often!
Why do I have to watch the ad. That won't help me lose arm and shoulder flab.
I love this one so much I did it twice - the stretch between sets felt good!
great workout short and sweet and it gets me ready for my day plus you could feel it the hole time working those mussels.
Nice morning start, gets the blood moving. Thank you.
Thank you! This is a great way to start my day!
Exercises I can do! Thanks, it feels good to be able to exercise again. i have added these to my daily work out under tracking. Made a group and put the seated exercises there. Easy

Thanks for making me feel human again
Looks great! I've been doing some of these on the floor! Wish I could save it to my SparkPage though. Thanks!
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