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How Much Sugar You're Really Eating

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5/17/2016 9:09:30 PM

TERRY12011's SparkPage
My chiropractor recommends no more than 20 grams of sugar a day. Read your labels. There is even sugar in fresh vegetables.


4/4/2016 12:15:29 AM

OMG, I had no idea the maximum sugar recommendation was so low. No wonder so many of us have problems with weight!


1/28/2016 8:58:29 PM

having sugar as a nutrient would be helpful for diabetics


10/19/2015 1:23:27 AM

KITTYKAT500's SparkPage
Sugar is sugar! I think the food industry has about 50 different terms for it. Fructose is just as bad in juice form unless you eat the whole fruit with its fibre. Counting carbs or at least lower them has helped me shed weight.


9/21/2015 6:25:36 PM

CHERRIET's SparkPage
The only problem with trying to track "sugar" is that there is a major difference between 'natural' sugar (in whole fruits) vs. natural sugar in 100% juices, vs. 'junk' sugar(refined sugar & all its 'ose names, which should be avoided or at least limited).
All of these would count the same in a Nutrition Tracker, but have vast differences in how they affect your body.


6/6/2015 9:39:14 AM

BERTHAR's SparkPage
Very interesting, but need more information on how to add-up amounts of sugar from all we eat. Like cereal, fruits, breads etc...


5/28/2015 10:56:59 PM

BETHSNOW61's SparkPage
That's a lot of sugar!


5/11/2015 11:02:12 AM

i just learned something new! How interesing


5/5/2015 5:46:46 PM

interesting....but how do you add up...what's in cereal, soda, etc. and add it all up? converting grams to teaspoons???? Is there a limit to cereal, soda each day so you know approximately what's in each and add up at end of day?


5/5/2015 12:54:06 AM

That was very short and not very insightful


4/27/2015 9:20:12 PM

i would also like to be able to track sugar in my nutrition tracking. It would help us all to see even more so how much of it we are eating and become more aware of it.


4/23/2015 2:26:16 PM

KMF524's SparkPage
I also would appreciate having sugar as a nutrient to track. I suggested this to Spark a while ago.


4/23/2015 12:22:53 PM

I agree with the other comments. Sugar has so many "names" and not all recipes shared deliniate them separately. Sugar is our undoing and we need to be able to track it easily. Please allow us to at least add it as a nutrient to trak for ourselves. I may be forced to use a different site to track my food, whick I don't want to have to do. Thanks.


4/4/2015 1:27:37 AM

KGWINDER's SparkPage
fyi you can track sugar (Sucrose, glucose, maltose, galatose etc) by going to tools and settings, add a nutrient, from pull down select sugar names.


3/23/2015 9:21:37 PM

CHRIS3874's SparkPage
Scary. I hope I do not eat any where near that amount. I know some co workers who drink 3 cans of coke a day -yeah they might be skinny NOW but I can't help but think what they are doing to their insides.

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