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10-Minute Stretching Routine for Runners


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Some really handy stretches, that target the areas that I find, very tight after a run.
Thanks :)
I have been not doing these many stretches after my runs. Thanks for the video!! Now I know what to do.
Good set of exercises. I do several of them, but adding some new ones and changing the way I do the old ones is always good for a change of pace.

Great presentation.
Xraylady, just click on the red check to save it.
is there a way to save this to favorites so I can pull it up on ipad at the gym more easily
I did all of this in advance of my morning walk, but I will do again, when I return.
Stretching feels GREAT
I will give this a try in future, but do wish it could have been more something I could do immediately after running, like outside. Don't really have a wall at the track I use, but could use my car perhaps? Do have a stair. Not going to lay down on pavement or grass though.
Is there any way that these stretches could be added to my favorited in the fitness tracker? I do stretches and would like to be able to add Nicole's Runners Stretches to my favorites tab and it would log that into my tracker.
This is a great stretch
This is a great stretch
Liked it a lot, useful stretching even for non runners.
I'm confused about the IT Band stretch. When you are facing us you say to cross over the leg furthest from the wall (left leg), then lean into the wall (towards right) , but when you turn around to do the other side you say to cross over the leg closest to the wall (left leg again) and lean into the wall(towards left). Is this really the way to cross legs, the same one crosses both directions?
Thanks for the video.
great video. easy to follow along while watching. I added this to my favorites.
THANK YOU! My hips are often tight and painful after running and I can never find a stretch that gives me relief. The one against the wall at 2:20 hit the spot!!
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