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Does Running Cause Arthritis?

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1/21/2013 8:38:59 AM

I had to stop my daily running years ago due to hip pain that took about 3 months of recovery.
Of two good friends who were lifelong runners: one has had both hips replaced, the other is putting it off, but meanwhile can hardly walk.
Seems clear to me. It may not be arthritis, but running puts much more stress on joins than walking does. Slow-motion videos are pretty clear.


11/22/2012 3:14:59 PM

BERRY4's SparkPage
A 30-yr old knee injury, ankle injury, and now hip issues... running is no longer something I can participate in if I want to be able to WALK for the next 30 years or so. (I'm 51 now!)


11/21/2012 9:12:18 AM

MCLYMORE's SparkPage
I use to run a lot in the Army; but those days are long gone. I have started running again as a part of my much need weight loss goals; but I already have Arthritis; I hope it doesn’t make it worse.


10/2/2012 1:28:50 PM

I am so glad!

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