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10-Minute Cardio Kickboxing Workout


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For those of you having issues with the video, try refreshing the page. The first time I tried to play this video, I saw a still picture count down for 30 seconds and then the video would not start. I refreshed the page, sat through a commercial, and the video played with no issues.
I couldn't get the video to load. The advertisement was there but the workout wasn't.
I just did this routine again and still love it!
This is the FASTEST 10 min I ever participated in!!!
video not working. error:
No video has been loaded

been about a month now since videos haven't worked. anything going to be done about this?
Great workout...ten minutes seemed so fast
A very good 10 minute workout! (63 yrs old).
I like this one. It was challenging as an over 50 year old woman just returning to fitness, but I could do it. sweating :) The only thing I couldn't do was the jumping jack because I can't jump yet do to recovery ACL tear. I could do the kicks with bent to straight knee on my non-inured leg, but had to modify to a straight leg swing up more so than a kick on my injured leg. still worked it though :)
This was difficult for me, but I did it!!
great video
I love this video.
I wish I had more co-ordination ;-0
Great video, I love kickboxing keeps me in amazing shape, i got a couple of videos here - great workout and tough
Wow, this did make me sweat. I really have to check out more spark videos.
Great 10 minute workout. Was sitting here feeling a little discouraged since I didn't get to get a workout in. This helped me complete 1/3 of my workout.
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