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5-Minute Lower Body Workout with Band

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1/19/2016 9:22:21 PM

I am winded and my quads are on fire!!!!! Great short workout


1/18/2016 9:23:32 PM

FOXBAY99's SparkPage
I already have resistance bands but never thought to squat, Great ideas. I'm a beginner too.


1/10/2016 4:47:45 PM

This was a great beginner's (me!!) video to get started. Nice bite size chunk, as opposed to too much. I will keep doing these shorter videos and work up!


6/20/2015 1:58:11 AM

LOULOUWLG403's SparkPage
Coach Nicole, as usual amazing video! I'll add this one to my series for tomorrow. This should help me do my lunges better. I quit doing them because they hurt my back & I would have to take meds for it. I'll have to go buy the bands. I have a band, but it's not like that one! I hope everyone has a blessed day! lyl!


2/27/2015 4:35:53 PM

Would like to be able to print off upper & lower short video w/bands to be able to do exercises when not at home w/computer


12/20/2014 3:27:13 PM

All the videos I have watched start with - remember to warm up before doing these exercises. What does a warm up consist of? Do you have a Video?


10/29/2014 12:11:52 PM

It's interesting for a person like myself who is always in meetings and driving. Where can I get the belt on this video?


9/6/2014 10:14:05 PM

Thins one and the 8 minute lower body w/ band are both on my favorites now!
I haven't been able to do lunges (due to weight and stress on knees) since I was a teenager. This video made it possible, because I had no idea the resistance band could be used that way, and it didn't hurt my knees at all!

Looking forward to more with the bands!


9/3/2014 9:51:07 AM

Thank you for sharing. I will try this tonight while at work.


7/18/2014 7:48:39 PM

I really like this video. I've always had a hard time with keeping my balance on lunges, but the bands seemed to help me keep it steady. Thanks!


7/13/2014 2:01:55 PM

MOMOPWRS's SparkPage
Liked this, short sweet and effective. I like it because I can't bend my knee that much on lunges so harder resistance and less movement gets results.


6/5/2014 9:43:29 PM

SPINSTER321's SparkPage
Tougher than expected. Thanks, SparkPeople.


6/1/2014 11:16:44 PM

Thank you Spark I watched all the videos of the band workout I have had the bands for a couple of years but did not know the right tray to use the bands. The videos are very helpful.i will be exercising with the help of the videos and the bands tomorrow after my doctors appointment. Can any one tell me is it possible to loose weight by following the exercises shown in the videos .


4/5/2014 4:07:29 PM

I am really out of shape. 62 and need to lose 50 lbs it is finally time for me to care about myself. (I'm lazy) after doing this exercise the stretching part I can't even raise my leg high enough behind me to grab my foot to stretch. If I keep on exercising will I hopefully be able to do that? I am exercising with "Walk away the pounds" Just started. Have a long way to go


2/22/2014 12:16:37 AM

I there a way to add this to my workout schedule so that I can find it easily? I am still learning how to navigate within this website. Thank you for all that you do.

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