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Bootcamp: 7-Minute Arm Shaper with Dumbbells

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8/27/2015 2:49:10 PM

SADIEWAY's SparkPage
Day 3 Week 1 done! Feeling good!


6/16/2015 9:45:58 AM

short but nice workout


5/29/2015 12:53:03 PM

Day 3 complete and I am feeling great. Just keep going, only 25 days to go.


4/3/2015 7:04:21 AM

Just finished Day 3 and I really enjoyed this workout better than the first 2...Sometimes I wish they were longer


3/31/2015 11:00:39 AM

LEEANN096's SparkPage
Week 1 Day 3 Complete. Feeling motivated!


3/31/2015 6:11:38 AM

LPORTER2015's SparkPage
Great workout - Especially for a beginner or someone who wants a challenge!


1/27/2015 2:51:29 PM

SPARKLINGME176's SparkPage
Day 24 for me.... this was a bit easier, than last time! The lifts up as my body is on edge of chair, is too painful for my shoulders, so I did more lifting when Nichole was doing them!


1/27/2015 1:14:55 PM

SEXYHOT784's SparkPage
I was doing good and now I am Slackking bad. Don't no what my deal is. But I did day 1 sitting and day 3. Day2 with my injury can't do. So usually do day 3 twice. We will see. I'm doing my weekend n Monday today. But I'm catching up. Still eating good!


1/20/2015 4:10:38 PM

SPARKLINGME176's SparkPage
Week 3-day 17
I've add this to my favorites, fun & easy.... heavier weights next time!


1/10/2015 2:29:03 PM

SEXYHOT784's SparkPage
Felt good working those muscles, even tho they hurt from way to much Wii sports lol


1/6/2015 8:15:38 PM

SPARKLINGME176's SparkPage
Day 3 I've done SO much other exercise today, I almost skipped this one! Glad I didn't, woo hoo for me! I feel so relaxed after I did this short stretch..... Thanks!!!!


1/5/2015 10:30:31 PM

SUEARNOLD1's SparkPage
I just got a great workout in 7 minutes. WooHoo!

Thanks Coach Nicole and SP!


1/5/2015 12:12:14 AM

Day 3 video completed, did day 2 x2 yesterday and 30 min walk both days. Will repeat vid session after my walk.


1/3/2015 11:05:49 PM

Completed day 3😃


12/25/2014 3:07:15 PM

Day three video was fun, some of those exercises I haven't done since high school.😆

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