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Bootcamp: 10-Minute Lower Body Blast with Dumbbells

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7/1/2015 8:43:38 PM

loved it a good way to get in a mini workout


7/1/2015 12:21:03 PM

DESIFULL's SparkPage
Yesterday, day 1 was a little hard on my knees. Today's lunges weren't too bad, and the stretch felt awesome.


6/30/2015 10:51:50 AM

I can't find the 28 day only the 7 day.


5/28/2015 12:26:21 PM

Day 2 of 28 day bootcamp was great, not stressful but refreshing, wish they all would be like this :). Nope I need more!


5/10/2015 2:34:03 AM

a good work out.


4/2/2015 7:16:03 PM

Just finished Day 2 of this workout and it went by pretty quick and was the stretching was really nice. Eventually, I plan on adding some core workouts to my daily routine to give some added benefits, since the work out are so short.


3/23/2015 12:43:50 PM

Day 1 I did the 10 min work out. It hurt but did them. I have bad, painful knees No cartage, I will do the work out every day.


3/9/2015 6:38:11 AM

LPORTER2015's SparkPage
Day 2 Complete - I feel really good about this workout - I completed each exercise much better than the last time I went through this challenge - That's my main goal is to work harder and see some additional results this go around!!!


2/25/2015 10:04:39 AM

LTENNIS10's SparkPage
Day 2 workout complete!


1/24/2015 8:35:14 PM

i enjoy 10 minutes work out. it pushes me to do more


1/23/2015 1:37:18 AM

Great toning . Looking forward to doing it again.


12/26/2014 8:05:32 PM

MHACKETT1968's SparkPage
I did Day 1 & Day 4 of this series yesterday. I enjoyed them!! Looking forward to Day 2 in a few minutes!! Thanks Spark People and Coach Nicole!!


12/6/2014 7:42:36 PM

NWOODS9's SparkPage
Day two was great. I'm following my plan!!

Going to review day 3 to prepare for tomorrow.

That's SparkPeople!!


11/23/2014 5:13:34 PM

I did day 2 of week 1 exercise video x 3! :-)


11/20/2014 5:00:33 PM

TWNOMWE's SparkPage
day 2 of week one done

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